Thursday, June 23, 2011

[SEX HUNGER] Man Divorced Wife, Only 20 Sex in 10 Years

A MAN wants a divorce after claiming that his 37-year-old wife is sexually frigid and that they had sex less than 20 times in 10 years of marriage, reported China Press.
The man, who declined to be named, said they had sex for the first time two years after their marriage.

"She always finds an excuse to reject me. I did consider her feelings in the beginning.

"But now, I need sex so I am having an affair," he said, adding that the couple had been sleeping in separate rooms for the last three years.

He promised to take care of her and their three children aged between 21 months and seven years after the divorce.

However, the wife, who held a press conference at Federal Territory Gerakan in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, claimed the man wanted a divorce in order to marry his Chinese national girlfriend, whom he met online two years ago.

The woman, who is a sales coordinator, said she found out about her husband's affair after giving birth to her youngest son.

"He was having an affair with a local woman then. But I chose to forgive him after he terminated the relationship with the woman," she said, adding that he then had an affair with the Chinese national.

She said she was willing to divorce him on condition that he continued to pay the children's education fees and living expenses as well as the house and car loans.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SBS [MOLESTED] Pictures on Foreigner Caught

 By Kua Chee Siong
IT WAS her day off and she was on her way to meet a friend.
She had boarded an SBS Transit service number 65 bus around 7 pm yesterday.

As the lower deck of the double-decker bus was packed, she headed to the upper deck and sat down beside a man who looked to her like a foreign worker.

The 7-Eleven store assistant usually plays with her mobile phone on bus journeys, but as the phone battery was flat, she decided to "close her eyes".
She told The New Paper: "A short while later, I felt a hand on my left thigh. I opened my eyes and saw the man looking shocked."

It struck her right away that he looked guilty. "He had one kind of a face," she said.
The 28-year-old woman then went right down to the bus driver.

"I told him I had been molested and asked him for his handphone so that I could call the police and my friend."
She called the police first to tell them what had happened. Then, she called her friend.

Acting on the woman's complaint, the bus driver immediately stopped the bus at the next bus stop, just in front of Hoa Nam Building on Jalan Besar.
He said: "The woman came down and told me she was molested. I then stopped the bus and locked the doors."
But as the bus was crowded, some passengers started to complain, he said.

The woman said that at this point, a man called out and said he needed to get to work. He asked the driver to open the doors for him.

And when the driver did that, some passengers also got off before he could close the door again.
It was then that the woman realised the alleged suspect had taken the opportunity to leave.

She said: "I quickly told the driver to open the door again and I ran after the man,shouting at him.
"I yelled to him, 'bhaiya (brother in Hindi), come back here'."

Caused a commotion

Her yelling created a commotion, forcing the man to stop.
Just as the man walked back to where she was, the police also arrived.
When TNP arrived at the scene, we saw the man sitting on kerb, just in front of the bus.He looked like he was in a daze.
A curious crowd of onlookers had gathered around the bus stop.

Police officers took the man to the bus and they headed to the upper deck.
It looked like they were getting him to describe to them what had happened.
About five minutes later they brought him down to the lower deck.

The man was made to sit at the back of the bus while they questioned the bus driver.
After that, they asked the woman to go to upper deck with them this time. She spoke animatedly and seemed to be re-enacting the scene for the police officers.

After she came down, she spoke to another investigating officer for a while before she left with her friend.
The man was later handcuffed and led out of the bus.

Police said they received a call around 7.30pm seeking assistance at a bus stop on Jalan Besar.
A police spokesman said: "A 36-year-old Bangladeshi man was subsequently arrested for outrage of modesty. Police are investigating."

When contacted later, the woman said: "I felt really angry that the man dared to do this.
"I wanted to whack him, but I'm a woman." But she doesn't intend to tell her family members about the incident as she doesn't want them to be worried.

She said: "I hope he gets punished for this so he can't do this to another woman."

Previous bus molest cases
March 7, 2011: A 26-year-old speech therapist spotted and confronted a 21-year-old foreigner who had allegedly molested her on a bus three days ago.

Oct 1, 2009: An 82-year-old man was arrested for molesting three women, including a 58-year-old, on bus service No 21.
Aug 12, 2009: A man in army uniform molested a 28-year-old teacher by doing a "tip-toe" walk with his fingers across her right breast. He got away but she saw him again a month later. The man was arrested after she called her boyfriend and they tailed him to a bus stop on Old Tampines Road.

This article was first published in The New Paper.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

[NAKED] Sushi at Holland Village

PHOTO: Secret Cooks Club
IMAGINE eating sushi off a naked woman.
That happened at someone's home in Hollang Village and attended by six guests who did not know each other.
One of them was Frenchman Mr Cornu, 26, who, together with Dr Denisa Kera, 36, formed the Secret Cooks Club earlier this year.
Describing themselves as a group of people who are passionate about design, technology and food, Dr Kera, told The New Paper in an e-mail interview that they were just trying to have fun with some new and challenging ideas.
More in The New Paper on Sunday (June 19).
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

[Shorter Sleep] may Increase Genetic Risks for Obesity

ScienceDaily (June 17, 2011) — Sleeping less at night may increase the expression of genetic risks for obesity, while getting plenty of sleep may suppress genetic influences on body weight, suggests an abstract being presented in Minneapolis, Minn., at SLEEP 2011, the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC (APSS).

Results of a study of 1,811 pairs of twins show that the heritability of sleep duration was 32 percent, and shared environmental influences on sleep duration were negligible. Longer sleep duration was associated with decreased body mass index, which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.
Behavioral genetic modeling found significant interactions between self-reported, habitual sleep duration and both genetic and shared environmental influences on BMI. The heritability of BMI when sleep duration equaled seven hours was more than twice as large as the heritability of BMI when sleep duration equaled nine hours.
"The heritability of body weight decreased as sleep duration increased," said principal investigator Dr. Nathaniel Watson, associate professor of neurology at the University of Washington and co-director of the UW Medicine Sleep Center. "There appears to be something about short sleep that creates a permissive environment for expression of obesity-related genes."
The study involved a population-based sample of 1,811 pairs of identical and fraternal twins from the University of Washington Twin Registry. They had a mean age of about 37 years. Height, weight and habitual sleep duration were collected by self-report surveys. Participants were slightly overweight with a mean BMI of 25.4, and they had a mean sleep duration of about seven hours and 11 minutes per night. Data were analyzed using behavioral genetic interaction models.
According to Watson, the study is an important addition to the existing body of research on the relationship between sleep duration and BMI.
"Epidemiological and experimental studies have shown short sleep is associated with obesity," said Watson. "Our work takes this a step further, showing that short sleep facilitates expression of obesity-related genes."
The authors concluded that future research aiming to identify specific genotypes for BMI may benefit from considering the moderating role of sleep duration.
In a smaller study of 612 twin pairs published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine in 2010, Watson found that short sleep was associated with elevated BMI following careful adjustment for genetics and shared environment. In a study published in JAMA in 2010, the CDC estimated that 68 percent of U.S. adults were overweight or obese in 2007 -- 2008

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[LOLX] Mini Me...

I shall call ME ...
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[STRIP] By Malaysian Customs, said two women

TWO Singaporean women who drove into Johor Baru were detained by Malaysian customs, stripped, and made to squat and stand while pulling their ears.

They were detained for 24 hours for "illegal entry" as their passports were not stamped at the Malaysian customs, reported Shin Min Daily News.

The incident occurred last Thursday (June 9) when property agent Ms Lim, 29, went to Changi Airport to pick up a friend, insurance agent Ms Chang, 39, who was returning from a holiday in Hong Kong.

They then decided to drive to Johor Baru for supper at around 1.30am.

Ms Lim told Shin Min Daily News that she drove into Lane 2 and realised that there was no customs officer on duty. She attempted to use the intercom service to ask if there was anyone, but according to her, it was too noisy and she was not able to make out if anyone had replied her.

After five minutes, she decided to use the Touch n Go system to enter into Malaysia. The Touch n Go system is a smart card used at Malaysian highway tolls and can be used to enter the country if travelling from Singapore.

The two noticed that there was no one attending to the fingerprinting scanning system and therefore, were not able to get their passports stamped and checked before entering Johor Baru.

"I immediately made a U-turn towards the Malaysian checkpoint to find an officer to stamp our passports and that was when we were accused of illegal entry.

"We were interrogated by customs officers around 3am and were detained for up to 15 hours.

"We were handcuffed and around 6pm the next day, we were taken to a detention centre in Pontian," said Ms Chang.

Upon arriving at the detention centre, the two told Shin Min Daily News that they were ordered by a Malay correction officer to take off their clothes and said that this was "normal procedure".

Ms Chang also said that Ms Lim was given a smelly and old T-shirt to wear while the other detainees wore their own clothes.

She told the Chinese evening daily that the two of them were made to squat and stand while pulling their ears.

They were allowed to wear their clothes only after they had finished ten squats.

Ms Chang said that they were locked up in a cell that was about two-thirds the size of a football field. There were about 50 other detainees in the same cell and were mainly from Indonesia and the Philippines; the two women were the only ones from Singapore.

When Ms Chang asked for a new sanitary pad from one of the detention officers, some of the detainees told her that she will have to use soap and water to wash her soiled pad before disposing it, or else she will be reprimanded by the officers.

She said the toilet was filthy and the stench filled the entire cell, and as the toilet did not have a door, a cloth was used instead, but only covered up to her eyes.

They were also told by their cellmates that they would be punished if they did not finish their food and will be made to stand for an hour if they spoke too loudly.

"There was no mattress or pillow in the cell, so we slept on the floor with bugs and cockroaches," said Ms Chang.

The two were released the following Saturday at 6am with warning letters. They were not charged or penalis
While they were getting their passports stamped on their way back to Singapore, they were told that they will not be able to enter Malaysia easily after this incident.

It was the first time the two had driven to Malaysia. They told Shin Min Daily News that although they were at fault, they did not understand why they were treated like prisoners.

They also said that they intend to seek a legal help and demand for compensation for their traumatic experience in Malaysia.


Thursday 1.30AM - The women discover there is no officer at the Malaysian customs checkpoint counter. They tap the Touch 'n Go card and the barrier lifts to allow them through even though their passports are not stamped.

2AM - The realise they have entered JB. They make a U-turn but immigration officers accuse them of illegal entry.

3AM - The two are taken to a meeting room and questioned.

11AM - An immigration officer records their statement.

12PM - The women are told to pay a fine of RM3,000 each. They ask to be taken to an ATM but are left in the room for three hours.

5PM - An officer tells them they will be taken to a detention centre in Pontian.

6PM - In Pontian, they are forced to strip naked and do squats, then put in a cell with other detainees.

Friday 5PM - An immigration officer takes them back to the JB customs checkpoint.

6PM - The women are informed they will be released but end up waiting another three hours.

9PM - After waiting for three hours, they offer to pay the RM6,000 fine but are informed they will only get a warning letter instead of a fine.

12AM - The women are released and return to Singapore in their car. The car has scratches on it that were not there before.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

"His a pretty girl"...This Statement Has No Grammatical Error... Bell Nuntita

Thailand's Got Talent Final Round
Aired : 22 May 2011

PS. You can just click 'X' at the right corner of RED message. I'm truly sorry about it.

The first song : อยู่คนเดียว by เบิร์ด ธงไชย (Living alone by Bird Thongchai)
The second song : สิ่งมีชีวิตที่เรียกว่าหัวใจ by ETC Bring it back (A living thing called 'Heart' by ETC)
The third song : ไม่ใช่ผู้ชาย by DooBaDoo (I'm not a guy by DooBaDoo)

  • Thank you BiBiBenny, great job on the subs, Bell performance for the TGT can be seen the most amazing performance, i bet she wins! ^^
  • Wow.. thanks for the subtitles. Good job BibiBenny!
  • i LOVE her! i hope she wins...
  • @7seanchan Pleasure and you'll sure do. ^^
  • Thanks BiBiBenny, will repost to Bell's fanpage!
  • Another great performance by Bell and a super THANK YOU to BiBiBenny for the all your work to give us the Engilsh subitiles.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

[SEX] Edison Chen requested SEX from ex-gf

EDISON Chen, who was involved in a sex photo scandal with several female artistes, invited his ex-girlfriend for sex.
Nanyang Siang Pau reported that the star contacted lingerie model Gloria Wong via MSN Messenger.
He first asked the woman what she was doing and said he was staying at a hotel.

He then wrote: "I was going to see if you want to **** me." But later explained that he meant "seeing him".
Chen apologised twice after the woman did not reply.
Wong, who dated Chen between 2003 and 2004, said she refused to have sex with the singer-actor because he had a girlfriend at that time.
Chen has recently been in the news after meeting ex-girlfriend Cecilia Cheung on a plane and the two are said to have reconciled, three years after the sex photo scandal.
According to reports, Cheung is rumoured to be splitting with husband Nicholas Tse.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011


You can now play it BIG and EASY on the BIG SCREEN LIVE...

~Life is for Sharing...

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[FLING] Ryan Giggs Love ONLY SEX

London, June 6 (ANI): Ryan Giggs, following his fall-out from his ill-fated gagging order, has been accused of an eight-year affair with his brother's wife, Natasha, even when he was seeing 'Big Brother' housemate Imogen Thomas.

The Manchester United 'squeaky clean' footballer, formerly regarded as the model professional and committed family man, found his reputation further tainted when it came into limelight that he slept with Natasha the day after his eight-year-old daughter was born and again the day after the arrival of his four-year-old son.

The affair was alleged to have continued until April 9.

According to a Sunday newspaper, Gigg had been cheating on his wife Stacey with Natasha before she began dating his younger brother Rhodri, reports the Daily Mail.

According to Natasha, it was Giggs's folly in taking out his notorious injunction over an alleged fling with Imogen, which spurred her to break her silence.

"When I found out he was cheating with Imogen too, I was really hurt," she told the News of the World through a 'friend'.

"I know that sounds really strange, but he wasn't just cheating on Stacey, he was cheating on me too. Our relationship was just about sex to him," she added. (ANI)

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[FUNNY] Why Flowers HATE Girls !!!

This is why flower HATE girls to the CORE...always tear them apart...
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Quirky Bra

GONE are the days of the boring bras.
Lingerie designers have pushed the boundaries of the traditional symbol of womanhood with bizzare creations to support causes and suit every mood.
When a major earthquake rattled Japan in March, the bra makers of Triumph came up with "Support Japan Bras", a nifty two-piece corset and mini-skirt set, which had words of encouragement to earthquake victims.

While some of these novelty bras are not really for sale, our world of favourite little things has just gotten more interesting!

For all the single ladies, a wacky “Marriage Hunting Bra" features a ticking countdown clock to tell you time is running out. But when you do finally get your ring, insert it between your bra cups, and the classic Wedding March will play.

Bras with unique real-life uses have also been created to add colour to our lives. Carry around a chopstick in your bra, or convert it into a face mask or shopping bag. Sounds crazy? There's more...

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[OMG] Molester Justin Timberlake got Molest !!!

"[We have a] totally platonic relationship, which is why I can do this," he said as he grabbed her boobs. In return, Kunis, 27, cupped his genitals.

Presenting the award to Twilight's Robert Pattinson, Timberlake couldn't resist making one more joke after Kunis uttered the famous "and the winner is…" phrase.

"I think we just found out," Timberlake said with a chuckle.
"What a shameless reference to my penis!"

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[FLOOD] Time for Lamborghini ,Aston Martin and Ferrari to Drink more water

Luxury sports cars like a Lamborghini, an Aston Martin, a Ferrari, a Porsche and an Alfa Romeo with several BMWs and Audis at the St Regis Residences were up to their wheels in water.

A grey Aston Martin is waterlogged.

Die Audi Die !!!


 Supercars at the St Regis Residences were washed out during yesterday's floods.

The cars belonged to the residents at upscale St Regis Residences, as only the Basement three carpark which is where only residents cars are allowed, was affected.

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[OMG] Robber screwdriver his way to 1 million dollars.

By Pearly Tan

ARMED with just a screwdriver and a pair of gloves, Bay Buck Siong broke into 145 HDB flats island-wide over two years, and got away with a staggering $903,175 worth of cash and valuables.

Bay's loot included laptops, jewellery and Rolex watches, which he sold in Chinatown and Geylang. The gambling addict then wagered the money away at casinos.

Yesterday, the 47-year-old odd job worker, who is one of Singapore's worst serial burglars, pleaded guilty to 10 charges of housebreaking.

The other 135 housebreaking charges and one charge each of fraudulent possession and theft will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced later this month.

The court was told that Bay, a divorcee, targeted flats in areas including Tampines, Yishun, Bukit Batok, Clementi and Hougang between Feb 24, 2009 and Jan 16 this year.

The flats were located along the common corridor and he would strike between 10am and 8pm, when most of the residents were working.

To ensure that a home was vacant, Bay would knock on the door. Only when he got no response would he use his screwdriver to force open the sliding window of the unit to gain entry.

Almost caught

His getaway vehicle was a red van.

Bay's biggest loot - $130 in cash and $50,000 worth of jewellery - was from a second-storey unit at Block 140 of Bishan Street 12 on Jan 19 last year.

He was almost caught on Feb 8 last year, when he was spotted by a neighbour of a flat he broke into.

Mr Tan Ming Chow, 31, saw Bay entering his neighbour's unit at Block 344 of Ubi Avenue 1 through the sliding window.

Mr Tan witnessed the illegal entry through the peephole of his door and called the police at about 10.35am.

When the police arrived, Bay was still in the third-storey unit but he quickly went to the master bedroom and jumped down from the room window to the ground floor.

The police chased him but lost sight of him at Eunos Industrial Park.

He got away with valuables worth about $4,940.

The owners of the unit had been at work then.

Bay acted alone in the break-ins except on one occasion, when he had an accomplice - See Boon Keng. 35.

On Oct 2, 2009, Bay and See got away with $29,770 worth of valuables from an HDB flat at Ubi Ave 1.

The two made off with a safe which the owner, Mr Raymond Neo, 61, had kept in a cupboard in the master bedroom.

The safe was worth $400. Inside it were two Rolex watches worth almost $20,000, some foreign currency, some Singapore "gold" coins and new dollar notes, a gold bracelet, a credit card, a birth certificate, some documents and testimonials.

See was allowed to keep one of the Rolex watches for helping Bay to steal the safe. He has been arrested and sentenced.

On at least two other occasions, Bay carted off stolen safes by himself.

Bay was arrested on Jan 25 this year. He was tracked down at the casino at Resorts World Sentosa.

The police found $1,700 in cash, 27 pieces of commemorative coins and two pawnshop receipts on him.

Bay told them that the cash were his winnings from the casino, and the coins and receipt had been stolen from one of the flats he had broken into.

He led the police to his van, where they found four woollen gloves, two screwdrivers and a stolen laptop.

Bay admitted to the police that he would first ransack the living room. If the loot was insufficient, he would then break into other rooms to search for valuables.

Not recovered

Most of the stolen items were not recovered as he had sold them to unknown buyers in Chinatown and Geylang. He gambled away all the stolen cash at the casinos.

Bay admitted that he committed the offences in order to support his gambling addiction.

Bay was convicted twice - in 1993 and 1999 - for housebreaking.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Yu Hui highlighted in court yesterday the severity of Bay's offences, saying he had committed them to feed his gambling habit.

She added that the offences could be said to have been premeditated as Bay had arrived at the units armed with a screwdriver.

In his mitigation, his lawyer, Mr Teo Choo Kee, said that Bay had tried to live a normal life but could not overcome his gambling habit.

He added that his client was not incapable of being reformed and that he had cooperated with the police.

Bay's nephew was the only family member in court yesterday.

At the end of the hearing, Bay asked District Judge Paul Quan for permission to call his mother, and was granted a 10-minute supervised phonecall to her.

Judge Quan called for preventive detention and corrective training reports and the case was adjourned till June 23.

For housebreaking, Bay could have been jailed 10 years and caned for each charge.

Precautions to protect your house

Install windows with iron grilles and good quality key-operated locks.

Main doors should be of solid construction and fitted with a good-quality mortise lock with a dead bolting feature (where a key is needed to lock and unlock the door).

Reinforce all doors with iron grille gates together with metal clasp and a close-shackle padlock. Fix door peephole, latch chain and surface latches on the main doors.

Keep large sums of cash in banks.

Leave the radio on and a light on at night to give an "at home" appearance.

Cancel all deliveries, such as newspapers, when you are away from home for a few days.

Lock all doors and windows when leaving the home unattended, even if it is for a short while.

Ask your immediate neighbours to keep an eye on your house for any unusual occurrences.

Change all locks when the house keys are lost or stolen.

Inform your Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) or Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP) when you are away on vacation.

Do not hide your keys under the door mat, in flower pots or on top of the electricity meter box.

Info taken from the National Crime Prevention Council website.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Promote Good Sex, by Obedient Wives Club

RAWANG, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysian Muslim group has launched the "Obedient Wives Club" to teach women to be submissive and keep their spouses happy in the bedroom as a cure to social ills.
The club's vice president, Rohayah Mohamad, says wives must learn to be good lovers so they can "obey, serve and entertain" their husbands to prevent them from straying or misbehaving.
Activists and politicians slam the club launched Saturday as misguided and a setback to the rights of Muslim women.
The club was founded by the Global Ikhwan group, which launched a Polygamy Club two years ago. Global Ikhwan comprises former members of the banned Al-Arqam Islamic sect. The government has said it is keeping an eye on the group amid concerns it could be an effort to revive the sect.

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[OMG] More than 8,000kg of waste UP On Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal - Over a month-long Everest clean-up campaign launched by Everest Summiteers' Association brought down on Sunday 8,110 kg rubbish collected up to an altitude of 8,700 feet from the base camp.

The drive, which cost around Rs 10.71 million (S$292,000), had taken a team of 29 local Sherpas to clear Everest of litters collected over years.

It had kicked off on April 15 and concluded on Sunday with a press conference at Namche. According to Wongchu Sherpa, chairman of the association, 3210 kg of wastes will be disposed at Namche itself and the remaining litters will be brought to Kathmandu for recycling and reuse purposes.

"Biodegradable waste products will be destroyed at Namche," he said.

"Other non-biodegradable products such as bottles, plastics, nylon ropes, and gas cylinders, among others, will be transported to the Capital."

Sherpa added that a press meet was organised at Namche to aware the local people of the importance of cleanliness and adverse impacts of waste products on Everest. He said the drive was the biggest one ever organised in Everest. The collected wastes mostly include oxygen cylinders, pipes, ropes, plastics and can bottles.

The campaign, co-launched by Gorkha Brewery, was assisted by other stakeholders like the government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Laxmi Bank and Agni Air.

Pasang Lama, one of the 29 Sherpas involved in the campaign, said there might be some 20 tons of litters still left at Everest.

"However we can't be sure of it as litters are buried beneath snow most of the times," he said. "But with the arrival of summer, snow starts melting and the rubbish hidden beneath the layers of snow and ice start unleashing themselves."

According to Chairman Wongchu, similar Everest clean-up drive will be launched next year as well.

-The Kathmandu Post/Asia News Network
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First [Ladyboy] University only in Thailand...

At Suan Dusit University in Bangkok, transgender students are allowed to dress in girls' uniforms and are treated as equals.

Students attend class in Thailand's Suan Dusit University wearing makeup and a body-hugging female uniform.

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