Saturday, June 6, 2009

If You Pull Out a White/Gray Hair Will 2 Grow Back?

"Myths Revealed", by Lynne Chapman, Bella Online

1) If I pull out a gray hair, I will get three in its 
This is a tale that seems to have been passed on from generation to generation. In my 
educated opinion it is not true. A hair can be
pulled out from the root with no effect to the 
root itself except at times to weaken it. 
Pulling out a hair will not cause the root to split and produce 
more than one hair. I think the myth is perpetuated because often 
when you find a gray hair, you have come to that age
when your body has begun the graying process and in it’s natural
course more and more hair roots begin to produce gray hair instead of
the former youthful color."

"Hair Facts or Fiction: Surprise" by Gary Callan
"If you pull out a gray hair two will replace it.
Fiction! As I explained in a past column, gray hair is simply the
absence of colour. So pulling out a gray hair will not influence
another gray one to grow out."

"Love your hair: Improve your hair’s appearance with these insider
tips", by Angela Hill

"To cover hair with up to 30 per cent grey, choose a semi-permanent
colour that matches your natural colour, says [stylist Ronald] Chong
[from Public Image in Toronto]. If you decide to just pull out those
few greys, be assured they will not grow back in pairs, as the old
wives’ tale states. However, grey hairs have a different texture, he
says, and when the grey hair grows back, it may stick up or out at an
odd angle."

Lastly, plucking you hair  you lose more hair, since your
hair follicle is susceptible to damage or can be totally ruined because
of pulling or yanking your hair. It’s all right to pluck the irregular
white hair yet if your hair is becoming thinner or gradually receding,
coloring your hair might be your best option.(from

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  1. in fact in my case, I have some gray hairs since I was to young, is genetic, my mom suffered the same when she was young, but in a men from my age, this looks a kind attractive.

  2. I think that's a myth because if we're loosing hair I think there's nothing we can do to recover it, we have to be calm with it.