Monday, January 31, 2011

[WORLD'S UNLUCKIEST MAN]Struck by Lightning inside HOME !!!

“Unluckiest guy in the world” gets struck by lightning in his own home. (Yahoo!)

By Gaby Leslie (Yahoo! News)

John Wade Agan, who has a reason to call himself the “unluckiest guy in the world”, said the last thing he remembers was using a corded phone as he leant over a metal sink.

In the last four years, the taxi driver has also reported being robbed at gunpoint in his cab, stabbed in the chest with a butcher’s knife and bitten by two venomous snakes at the same time.

His daughter, Misty Agan, 26, said she saw the latest incident first-hand.

She told the St. Petersburg Times newspaper that she heard the phone drop and her dad saying ‘Oh!Oh!Oh!’ before he fell to the ground shaking.

Her father, who was admitted to Tampa General Hospital on Tuesday evening, said he woke up surrounded by paramedics with a hole burned in his sock.

According to several news reports, the 47-year-old was complaining of soreness and ringing in his ear as he lay in his hospital bed on Wednesday.

Some remain sceptical of the extent of Agan’s misfortunes, and have alleged he is either exaggerating in order to receive pain medication or possibly seeking attention.

But two lightning experts said a strike while using a corded house phone is not unusual.

Dr. Mary Ann Cooper, a widely cited expert in the narrow field of lightning injury research, said: “It’s certainly possible.”

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[VIDEO] Sim Lim CON MAN Square United Cam #02-27

The salesman was caught on video reacting angrily towards a customer, and even resorted to hurling vulgarities at him. (Screencap from YouTube)

The video of a salesman in Sim Lim Square hurling vulgarities at a customer has gone viral over the Internet and is creating quite a buzz among Singaporeans.

The incident occurred after the salesman was asked for a price breakdown of a camera he had sold to a Chinese national.

Chen Tao, a 25-year-old Chinese national, said he had wanted to buy a Sony video camera. However, he was recommended a Sanyo one and reportedly paid more than S$1,700 for the camera with accessories. Subsequent checks revealed Chen and his friend had overpaid for the camera.

Chen and his friend then went back to the shop with a hidden video camera in an attempt to expose the salesman.

Watch what happens.

The shop’s boss has since fired the salesman in question.

However, in a twist of events, he also showed to the media a photo of Chen in an aggressive, threatening pose as he appeared to climb up the shop’s glass counter display.

It’s not the first time that a shop at Sim Lim Square has been hit by bad press.

Known as a shopping heaven for local IT geeks and techies, foreigners and tourists who’ve not done their homework on prices can easily get skinned by unscrupulous shopkeepers.
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

[OMG] KL Drugged Girl Gang Raped in London, Film with Iphone

Girls are always on the disadvantage side when it comes to party, their drink can be spiked and many horrible things can happen to them later.
Its common to have party in western foreign countries, please attend the parties with a group of friends and NEVER leave your DRINK UNATTENDED...


LONDON/KUALA LUMPUR: An 18-year-old Malaysian student in London was allegedly gang-raped by several Russian men, including an intelligence officer who has been charged with the offence.

The Sun tabloid of London, which broke the story on Thursday, reported that the girl had attended a party at the prestigious Bellerbys College in Greenwich, South London, where she is studying.

The report, quoting sources, claimed that the girl was allegedly drugged and then filmed while being assaulted by seven Russian men, including the intelligence officer identified as Oleg Vladimirvich Ivanov, 23.

The attack is said to have happened early last Sunday during the party attended by English language students of the college.

The report stated that police retrieved iPhones with harrowing footage of the victim being gang-raped.

Ivanov was charged with three others identified as Gregory Andreev Melnikov, 22, Norayr Davtyan, 25, and Arnen Simonay, 26, with the offence at the Woolwich Magistrates' Court on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All four claimed trial and have been remanded.

They will appear at Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday.

Two other suspects were released on bail while another was released without any charge.

The Sun report stated that the seven men had claimed to be students, but it quoted well-informed sources as saying that Ivanov worked in the Intelligence Section of the Moscow Police.

It stated that Ivanov had only been in Britain for a week before the alleged gang-rape.

The victim was said to have raised the alarm after staggering into a friend's room.

"She is distraught. She is very young and it is believed she was given a drug before being defiled," the report quoted a source as saying.

Two students at the college, contacted by The Star last night, were tight-lipped about the incident.

"What we know so far is what everyone has read in the newspaper (The Sun). We refuse to talk about the case as we are not allowed to. Please contact our college officials if you want a comment,'' said one of them.

The college officials could not be reached for comment.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

[NEWS] She is Rape by rescuers ?

He was an officer in the Saudi Royal Navy assigned to the strategic Saudi base of Jubail in the Persian Gulf. She was a single mom from Mindanao (in southern Philippines) who saw, like so many others, employment in Saudi Arabia as a route out of poverty.

When he picked her up at the Dammam International Airport in June, little did she know she was entering, not a brighter chapter of her life but a chamber of horrors from which she would be liberated only after six long months.
The tale of woe recounted by Lorena (not her real name) was one of several stories of rape and sexual abuse that were shared by domestic workers with members of a fact-finding team of the Committee on Overseas Workers' Affairs (COWA) of the Philippine House of Representatives.
The high incidence of rape and sexual abuse visited on the women we met in Philippine government-run shelters for runaway or rescued domestic workers in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Al Khobar most likely reflects a broader trend among Filipina domestics.
"Rape is common," said Fatimah (also an alias) who had been gang-raped in April 2009 by six Saudi teenagers. "The only difference is we escaped to tell our story while they're still imprisoned in their households."

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Friday, January 28, 2011

[Latest] Full-time National Serviceman died in Truck Hit

SINGAPORE - A full-time National Serviceman (NSF) died this morning after he was hit by a truck driven by another serviceman.

The accident took place in Jurong Camp 1 at about 7.00am today.

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, Lance Corporal (LCP) Wee Yong Choon Eugin, a Signal Operator, was about to unload stores from the back of a truck when it reversed into him.

A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) medic attended to LCP Wee immediately. At 7.05am, an ambulance was activated to evacuate LCP Wee to the National University Hospital (NUH). He was sent to the hospital at 7.15am and arrived at NUH at about 7.45am. He was pronounced dead at 7.59am.

The Ministry of Defenceis investigating the incident.

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[NEWS] Sex Online Prostitutes got Raid

FIVE suspected members of an online-vice syndicate were arrested early on Tuesday morning at a Lavender Street hotel, police said in a statement yesterday.

The suspects comprised two men and three women, aged between 19 and 29. Two of the women are believed to be prostitutes.

Acting on information, the police mounted a raid on the hotel, seizing $1,250 in cash and items such as mobile phones and several notebooks with transaction records.

The statement said that the syndicate is believed to have advertised sexual services on an Internet website where potential customers could book services before proceeding to a designated hotel to complete the transaction.

Investigations are ongoing.
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[Dog Abuser]Doreen Loo ADMIT it's HER DOG !!!

With Doreen Loo admitting Sushi is her Dog,
she indirectly means she is filming her ex-husband TORTURING the dog.
She admit !!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

[MUST SEE] Guys,How to become MACHO !!!

With this, put on to LOOK MACHO !!!
wonder whether toy 'r' us sell them ?

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[15min DOG ABUSER] PICTURES,FACEBOOK of Malaysian Doreen Loo and Allen Tan

After doing quite alot of homework, Bigmouth8 managed to find the ABUSERS pictures and names...more posting coming up...

The shirtless man, clad in only a pair of blue jeans with a black belt and sports several tattoos on both arms and a large ring on his right index finger.

A Malaysian girl had reportedly discovered the clip in a pen drive she found at Suria KLCC and decided to upload the clip to her profile page on Facebook.

The woman filming this video is DOREEN LOO.

FORCING your dog to stand upright JUST to SHOW OFF on FACEBOOK isn't the way...
If you don't know how to take good care and protect your dog...
God will take care of you one day...
~Bigmouth8 Research
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Touch Juliet Breast for GOOD LUCK !!!

#1. STATUE OF JULIET, CASA DI GUILIETTA; VERONA, ITALY: Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave over this one. Visitors to the tragic heroine's statue rub her right breast in the quest for good luck.

Photos: Bloomberg, Alistair Young, Ashleigh Nushawg, Bjørn Giesenbauer, Chris Major, Gustavo Madico, Ivan Mestrovic, Joe Mazzola, Jorge Lascar, R Barraez D'Lucca, Renaud d'Avout d'Auerstaedt, Steven Newton, Uwe Hermann, Facebook, Internet / Text: Reuters

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[PICTURE] of Woman survives 23-story fall in Buenos Aires, Argentine

BUENOS AIRES - A woman threw herself Monday from a restaurant on the 23rd-floor of a Buenos Aires hotel, only to miraculously survive when her fall was broken by a parked taxi, police and witnesses said.

Photographs showed the 30-year-old woman bent into the buckled roof of the black-and-yellow taxi before she was rushed to hospital, where she had a lung, a kidney and her spleen removed, according to officials.

Witnesses in the restaurant atop the Panamericano hotel, described how she had calmly ordered a coffee and left her purse behind before taking off her shoes to climb over a safety barrier and jumping.

"If I had not got out, she would have killed me," the shocked taxi driver, identified only as 39-year-old Miguel, told local media. "I felt this explosion and I saw this woman's body sunken into the roof of my cab.

"The first thing I did was call my family. And then I just started to cry; it is really hard to see something like that."

-My Sinchew/Asia News Network
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[SHOCKING]Actresses and Models SLEEPING with Directors

LONG hours and sexual abuse are just some forms of exploitation that budding artistes face in the Korean entertainment industry.

But it's not unique to the Korean entertainment industry, claimed local actress Foyce Le Xuan, 30.

She has had minor roles in local television drama for about six years.

Le insisted that casting couches exist here too.

She claimed she had been propositioned by people in the entertainment industry.

It's something that plagues young talent and those hoping for a shot at stardom. They are the most vulnerable.

She has had minor roles in local television drama for about six years.

"I can say 99.9 per cent of actresses and models have been approached, but it's not talked about. The casting director will say, 'If you don't do 'it', others will do 'it'. So why should I choose you?", said Le from personal experience.

She said everything is implied, adding: "You know what 'it' means."

With the hype surrounding K-pop, thousands of young hopefuls have a burning desire to make it big and become the next idol in the industry. The Korean entertainment scene is now littered with sex scandals and stories of "stars" being forced to work long hours abound.

'Slave contracts'

These "slave contracts" for Korean stars have been met with outrage, prompting the Korean government to launch a crackdown on the industry.

While Le claimed young talents are exploited here too, other young people shooting for fame said they have never been propositioned.

Mr Jeffrey Chung, famed for his models who do lingerie shows and shoots, denies there's a casting couch culture here. He said if a client suggests anything inappropriate, he will tell them off.

Mr Chung, who owns a modelling agency, said: "I've heard rumours about the casting couch. I have clients who joke about it.

"But I tell my models not to give out their numbers, and that it's not worth it. It's not a million-dollar contract anyway."

Chloe Tai, 19, is typical of a teenager hoping to make it big in entertainment.

She was one of the participants who made it to the second round of the auditions held by talent management company JYP Entertainment in Singapore last year.

She said: "Entertaining the clients is one thing, but I would not sleep around to get to the top."

Fellow participant Hayley Woo, 19, who also made it to the second round of the auditions, said: "I heard from my boyfriend who used to work with a TV company that it's messy in the industry. But I hope I won't be in such a position.

"I will reject it (if propositioned). Though it is a big opportunity, it is like selling your body and soul and I think it is not worth it."

Her twin sister, Jayley Woo, 19, who also made it past the first round of auditions, echoed her sentiment.

"I'd rather get rejected than go against my morals," she said.

But while they say no to sex, many are willing to go under the knife in order to become prettier and more appealing.
Miss Elaine Yuki Wong, 22, who is also looking forward to the second round of the JYP Entertainment audition, said: "Plastic surgery is very common nowadays and I have a lot of friends doing that."

Miss Wong, Chloe and the Woo sisters said that they were open to the idea of a nose job and breast enhancement surgery, if their future talent management recommended one.

Said Chloe: "I don't think there's anything wrong with improving yourself."

She added: "I know this is a sensitive topic for most people, but I really think this is acceptable.

Most of the Korean stars do it. And not just the Korean stars, most stars go under the knife."

And if the message was not a friendly suggestion but an order by the management, all four would agree to undergo the surgery.

" is like selling your body and soul and I think it is not worth it." -Hayley Woo, 19

Said Hayley: "I think that there are no bounds to making yourself prettier. I just hope I won't get addicted to plastic surgery."

But Jayley was more worried about the quality of the surgery.

"The (facial features of those who have had) plastic surgery in Korea look a bit 'fake'. I hope that if they want to sharpen my nose, it would look natural," she said.

Jayley said she would even lose weight if her talent management agency required her to.

"Although people say that I'm not fat, I think my thighs are too fat. If you want to be thin, you have to do whatever it takes."

She is 1.64m tall and weighs just 42kg. This is considered underweight by the national body mass index (BMI) measurements. To prepare for the tough road ahead, Jayley has even begun to train herself to sleep less.

"I heard that you won't get to sleep much. I now sleep about six to seven hours a day rather than my usual eight to 10 hours a day," she said.

Dancing lessons

In preparation for the second round of the JYP auditions, which include a singing and dancing segment, the twins have even taken up dancing lessons.
"During the first dance lesson, I got dizzy but I persisted. If you want to make it big, you've got to give all you got," said Jayley.

The girls are also prepared to wear revealing clothing.

Said Miss Wong: "Even superstars have to wear bikinis and go up on stage, so I think it is fine. (Wearing less) won't harm me."

But it is not just physical changes that the girls are willing to undergo, some are already mentally prepared for the invasion of privacy and lack of personal space, which comes with stardom.

Said Chloe: "I will be willing to give up my time and personal space if I get in. In the media industry, people are always watching you, and you lose your privacy.

"Anything that you say can become controversial."

And among the sacrifices that some were willing to make was to remain single.

Said Chloe: "I'm a very career-minded person. I would choose my career over my relationship."

Jayley echoed the same sentiment.

"You can get a boyfriend at any point of time after your career has stabilised. I think my future boyfriend would understand that this chance doesn't come all the time. When it comes, you have to grab it," she said.

Chloe said: "I have mentally prepared myself for the long hours and punishing schedules. I've been wanting to enter the media industry since a very young age. If I really want it, I know I have to make some sacrifices."

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Why is there smell after rain?

A rainbow might accompany the distinctive scent after a rain shower. The vibrant colors of this rainbow set against lush surroundings, photographed near San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany, make it seem like an almost magical phenomenon. However, the science behind a rainbow is relatively simple as it's just a matter of refraction, or the bending of light.

Most people notice a distinctive smell in the air after it rains. It's frequently linked with spring, as the smell of fresh cut grass is associated with summer. You'll find it in a lot of poetry and also on many inspirational lists of things to be happy about. But what causes it?
As it turns out, the smells people associate with rainstorms can be caused by a number of things. One of the more pleasant rain smells, the one we often notice in the woods, is actually caused by bacteria! Actinomycetes, a type of filamentous bacteria, grow in soil when conditions are damp and warm. When the soil dries out, the bacteria produces spores in the soil.

The wetness and force of rainfall kick these tiny spores up into the air where the moisture after a rain acts as an aerosol (just like an aerosol air freshener). The moist air easily carries the spores to us so we breathe them in. These spores have a distinctive, earthy smell we often associate with rainfall. The bacteria is extremely common and can be found in areas all over the world, which accounts for the universality of this sweet "after-the-rain" smell. Since the bacteria thrives in moist soil but releases the spores once the soil dries out, the smell is most acute after a rain that follows a dry spell, although you'll notice it to some degree after most rainstorms.

Another sort of smell is caused by the acidity of rain. Because of chemicals in the atmosphere, rainwater tends to be somewhat acidic, especially in urban environments. When it comes in contact with organic debris or chemicals on the ground, it can cause some particularly aromatic reactions. It breaks apart soil and releases minerals trapped inside, and it reacts with chemicals, such as gasoline, giving them a stronger smell.

These reactions generally produce more unpleasant smells than bacteria spores, which is why the after-the-rain smell isn't always a good one. Like the smell caused by the bacteria spores, the smell of chemical reactions is most noticeable when it rains following a dry spell. This is because once the chemicals on the ground have been diluted by one downpour, they don't have the same reaction with the rainwater.

Another after-the-rain smell comes from volatile oils that plants and trees release. The oil then collects on surfaces such as rocks. The rain reacts with the oil on the rocks and carries it as a gas through the air. This scent is like the bacteria spores in that most people consider it a pleasant, fresh smell. It has even been bottled and sold for its aromatic qualities!

These are a few common rain smells, but there are also all sorts of other scents after it rains. There is lots of aromatic material that the moisture and impact of rain can stir up, and the moist atmosphere following a downpour is particularly good at carrying these particles through the air. So, when you talk about the after-the-rain smell with a friend, you may mean one thing while your friend is thinking of something else. You'll both agree, however, that the air has a much stronger aroma to it after a good rain.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

[SHOCKING]7yr old STRIP,ORAL SEX During Class in California

CALIFORNIA - Parents, school officials and police are still in shock over accounts by seven-year-old students that their classmates had stripped or engaged in oral sex during class in a school in norther California.

As investigation continues at Markham Elementary School in Oakland, Associated Press (AP) reported that a second-grade teacher had been placed on leave. The male teacher, whose name has not been released, is barred from campus at least until the investigation is completed.
According to media reports, the teacher claimed he did not see any of the acts that authorities suspect occurred last week.

Describing what allegedly happened as "unthinkable", Troy Flint, spokesman for the Oakland Unified School District, also told AP: "We believe if the reports are true, there was a serious lapse of judgment or lack of supervision in the classroom."
Principal Pam Booker learned of the allegations after a student gave an account to a teacher's assistant.

She told reporters: "We have interviewed all the student participants who were implicated, as well as their teacher, and we continue to investigate the matter aggressively."
One incident involved several students who partially undressed and acted disruptively during class, while the other involved students who engaged in oral sex, officials said.
A CBS video on the incident has since been removed from online viewing. No reason is given on the website.
Meanwhile, counsellors went to the school last week to speak with students.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


HONG KONG - A mother sent her 17-year-old daughter for a hymen-repair operation before arranging for her husband to rape the girl, reported Hong Kong Chinese daily Ming Pao.
She also allegedly asked the girl to pose nude for the 37-year-old man.
The teenager said this in a court hearing in Hong Kong after rape charges were filed against her stepfather.

Click here to find out more!
She said her parents had divorced when she was seven years old, after which her mother married the accused.

When she was 16, she said her 39-year old mother persuaded her to have sex with her stepfather.
"My mother wanted to fulfill his wish to bed a virgin, so she asked me to have sex with him but I was already not one, by then" she said.

She said when her mother found out, she forced her to get her hymen 'fixed' and threatened to cut off her fingers if she refused.

The girl eventually agreed to undergo the surgery in May last year.
After that, her mother planned a family holiday to Cheung Chau, with the aim of getting her husband to have sex with the girl.

The man, however, could not wait and raped the teenager at their home.
The teenager told the court that she had complained about the rape to her mother but she did not do anything to help her.

She then lodged a police report as advised by her boyfriend and a social worker.
The defence counsel, however, said the teenager had made up the story after her stepfather refused to buy her a laptop.
The court hearing continues.

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[NEWS]Low Ji Qing Masturbate after Smelling USED undergarments,handbags and wallets

HE WAS an economics graduate with a bright future ahead of him.

But Low Ji Qing, now 46, has spent the better part of his life behind bars for stealing women's wallets.

His real reason for pilfering the wallets remained a secret for years.
But the truth emerged when he told a government psychiatrist in 1996 that he would get sexually aroused from the smell of the leather wallets.

The psychiatrist diagnosed him as suffering from fetishism, which are recurrent, intense, sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges and behaviours involving the use of a non-living object.

But shame kept Low from seeking treatment.

And he never managed to break free from the compulsion.
Last year, barely a month after he was released from prison after serving 10 years of preventive detention, he went on a stealing spree again.

Yesterday, Low pleaded guilty to four charges of stealing women's wallets.
Another five similar charges and one charge of fraudulently obtaining five ez-link cards will be taken into consideration when he is sentenced next month.

But this time, Low may get a reprieve. District Judge Soh Tze Bian asked Low's lawyer, Mr Josephus Tan, to explore the possibility of placing his client in a halfway house.

Mr Tan had asked the court to grant Low probation so that he could continue to seek treatment at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), where he has been receiving treatment since his arrest last June.

Dr Joseph Ozawa, a court-appointed clinical psychologist, had said that Low should continue with his treatments, whether at IMH or elsewhere.

The court heard that Dr Ozawa, who convened a community court conference (CCC) on Low's case last September, also said that a special programme available at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) would be suitable for Low if he were put on probation.

But the prosecution objected to probation as Low had not only made away with the wallets, he had also used the cash and other items in them.

Severe fetishism urge

Moreover, he was unable to make restitution of about $6,200 to the victims.

Nonetheless, Judge Soh noted that Low had re-offended shortly after completing his preventive detention last year, and that he had "a severe fetishism urge".

Judge Soh told Mr Tan to seek Dr Ozawa's opinion at another CCC, saying: "We will see what Mr Ozawa can come up with... see who's prepared to accept him."

He adjourned sentencing to Feb 21.

If Low gets treatment, it could be the first step towards freeing himself from a compulsion that has plagued him for most of his life.

The court heard that his sexual preoccupation with women's wallets started when he was seven.

He began by smelling his sister's belongings such as her undergarments, handbags and wallets. Gradually, he preferred to smell only her wallet.

As he grew older, he would have recurrent sexual urges and fantasies involving her wallet.
He went on to arouse himself with the wallets of his friend's sisters.

And he continued doing this despite having a girlfriend for 11 years.

This compulsion drove Low, an economics graduate from University of Western Australia, into a life of crime, the court was told.

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[PICTURE] Singapore Sex King JAIL Photo, Look at how ugly he is...

This is Chen Guilin, Gary Ng REAL look before be ended up in the jail as one iconic person.
He really didn't look GOOD, I mean decent, I wonder how he CHEATED so many girls, aunties and ladies...
His really a good CHEAT. Girls Beware of him in 50months time.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[NEWS] Earth will have TWO SUNS SOON !!!

The red supergiant star Betelgeuse is getting ready to go supernova, and when it does Earth will have a front-row seat. The explosion will be so bright that Earth will briefly seem to have two suns in the sky.

The star is located in the Orion constellation, about 640 light-years away from Earth. It's one of the brightest and biggest stars in our galactic neighborhood - if you dropped it in our Solar System, it would extend all the way out to Jupiter, leaving Earth completely engulfed. In stellar terms, it's predicted to explode in the very near future. Of course, the conversion from stellar to human terms is pretty extreme, as Betelgeuse is predicted to explode anytime in the next million years.

But still, whether the explosion occurs in 2011 or 1002011 (give or take 640 years for the light to reach Earth), it's going to make for one of the most unforgettable light shows in our planet's history. For a few weeks, the supernova will be so bright that there will appear to be two stars in the sky, and night be will indistinguishable from day for much of that time. So don't count on getting a lot of sleep when Betelgeuse explodes, because the only sensible thing for the world to do will be to throw a weeks-long global supernova party.

Physicist Brad Carter explains what Earth (and hopefully humanity) can look forward to:

"This is the final hurrah for the star. It goes bang, it explodes, it lights up - we'll have incredible brightness for a brief period of time for a couple of weeks and then over the coming months it begins to fade and then eventually it will be very hard to see at all."

Although there'll be no missing the explosion, Carter points out that the vast majority of material shot out from the supernova will pass by Earth completely unnoticed:

"When a star goes bang, the first we will observe of it is a rain of tiny particles called neutrinos. They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99 per cent of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever."

Indeed, just in case anyone is concerned, Betelgeuse is way too far away from Earth to do us any damage. There's been some doomsday speculation of late around the eventual supernova - which might not happen for a million years, it bears repeating - but, as with pretty much all doomsday speculation, you can just ignore it.

In any event, the Betelgeuse explosion will likely be the most dramatic supernova Earth ever witnesses - well, unless our Sun eventually explodes and destroys our planet, which would probably leave Betelgeuse the runner-up. Either way, it isn't the first, as history has recorded the appearance of several so-called "guest stars." Most of these just looked like short-lived stars in the night sky, but some were bright enough to be seen in the day.

The first supernova that history records is thought to have occurred in 185 CE, when a star 8,200 light-years away exploded. Chinese astronomers make explicit note of the sudden appearance of a star and its subsequent disappearance several months later, and the Romans may also have made more cryptic references to it. Astronomers have since located the remnants of the exploded star, confirming the accuracy of the ancient accounts.

The two most dramatic supernova explosions occurred in the 11th century. A supernova in 1006 - you can see its modern remnant above - is the brightest star ever recorded, appearing in the records of China, Egypt, Iraq, Italy, Japan, and Switzerland. There's even some thought that a rock painting by the Hohokam, a Native American tribe in what is now Arizona, represents the first recorded sighting of a supernova in the Americas. Here's the petroglyph in question, which might well record the presence of an unexpected bright light in the sky:

The various observations even allow us to pinpoint what specific type of supernova it was. In all likelihood, it was a Type Ia supernova, which for a few weeks burn as brightly as five billion suns. Astronomer Frank Winkler explains that we can work out from that supposition:

"By knowing this distance and the standard luminosity of Ia supernovae, we can calculate, in retrospect, just how bright the star must have appeared to 11th century observers. On the magnitude scale used by astronomers, it was about minus 7.5, which puts its brightness a little less than halfway between that of Venus and that of the full Moon. And all that light would have been concentrated in a single star, which must have been twinkling like crazy. There's no doubt that it would have been a truly dazzling sight. In the spring of 1006, people could probably have read manuscripts at midnight by its light."

The supernova of 1054 wasn't quite as dramatic, and it seemed to go almost entirely unrecorded in Europe, although there's some thought that records of the new star made by Irish monks got corrupted into allegorical accounts of the Antichrist. Still, the rest of the world saw it just fine, with records popping up in China, Japan, Korea, Persia, and the Americas. Astronomers of the time period wrote that it could be seen in daylight for over three weeks and remained visible in the night sky for nearly two years.

A pair of supernovas in 1572 and 1604 were extensively studied by two generations of legendary astronomers, Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler. Since then, the Milky Way hasn't had any supernovas visible from Earth, and so our night sky has remained rather tediously ordinary.

There's about sixteen known candidates in our galaxy for a future supernova explosion, and quite a few of them would have a dramatic effect on our skies. But Betelgeuse is by far one of the closest, and its huge size means its explosion will be particularly dramatic. This is one cosmic disaster that we actually want to see happen sooner than later, because there may never be a sight quite like this ever again.

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[SHOCKING]She sells virginity online to meet tuition fees

Her online post prompted 92 replies from students, though most thought it only as a joke.

A British college girl has revealed her plan to sell her virginity to cover her tuition fees for the next three years.

According to Britain's Telegraph newspaper, the 18-year-old cash-strapped teenager anonymously posted a link on the world's largest online student community "The Student Rooms" on Dec. 26, saying that she is "considering selling virginity." Confessing that she was born in a poverty-stricken family, she enumerated her physical details on the website, including her bust size and hair color.

Her post prompted 92 replies from students who were divided over the idea, with many telling her not to do it. Others, however, encouraged the idea.

Realizing that many of the students were not taking her plan seriously and offering a very low sum of money, she said: "Well the going rate is £18 (S$36.1) apparently … although hopefully I won't just be pitching to povo students."

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[NEWS] Social or Sex Escort ?

Are Social escorts considered as a job ? Or are they classified as yet another worker of the sex industry ? Other than accompany overseas business clients around the country, do they offer EXTRA services ? ~Bigmouth8

When asked if escorts are any different from prostitutes, her reply was: "Nah, no difference. Prostitute, whore, courtesan, escort - they all have the same meaning."

SOCIAL-SCIENCE graduate Amber (not her real name), 23, tells her family she is in sales, but works as a social escort.

She felt that making money from working in her family business was "too slow", and chanced upon a recruitment advertisement by social-escort firm Velvet 6 Management while searching for a better job.

She said: "I didn't hesitate at all. I read that lots of money can be made in a short time. I had many things I wanted to buy and do, so it became a good source of income."

Amber has been dolling herself up with make-up and donning mini-dresses to meet clients "practically every day" in the last eight months.

Some have taken her to business dinners, but she has mostly been hired by those who "simply want company in the comfort of a room with a bed".

Sex is definitely part of it, though it is not promoted openly and she does not charge extra for it, she said.

Although agents take 30 to 40 per cent of her earnings, Amber still earns about $10,000 a month, and has made $12,000 in a good month.

Clients rarely buy her gifts, but a British client once gave her a Swarovski necklace and matching ear studs.

She became quiet when asked about friends in the industry.

She prefers not to get to know other women in the line lest they happen to know her and she constantly fears meeting clients who recognise her, she said.

But, despite this and the health risks, Amber plans to be in the job until she is well into her 30s, because she has a high sex drive and likes to "please clients and make money".

So, are escorts any different from prostitutes?

Her reply: "Nah, no difference. Prostitute, whore, courtesan, escort - they all have the same meaning."


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Friday, January 21, 2011

[SHOCKING] Man's Cock KILLED him !!!

COPS suspecting FOWL play are hunting a cockfighting rooster on suspicion of slitting its owner's throat.
Indian police say the "dangerous rooster" is thought to have killed Singrai Soren after being forced back into the ring soon after his last fight.

The animal had emerged victorious, but witnesses said the victim died after the feathered fiend cut his throat with razor blades attached to its legs as he tried to immediately force it into another bout.

Villagers were warned not to approach the animal cops described as "an unknown rooster with black and red feathers".

Police want to find the bird to strip it of the deadly blades he killed with, but said with so many roosters matching his description the chances of catching him were slim.

A friend of the victim, named only as Dasai, said: "The rooster tried to get away from the ring several times but Soren tried to push him into the ring repeatedly.

"This upset him and he attacked."

The razor blades were attached to the rooster to fell opponents but sliced Soren's jugular vein instead.

Those around the ring only realised what had happened when blood started pouring out of him.

Dasai said roosters are used to an hour-long break between bouts.

He said: "Most masters are satisfied with the cash reward of £28 for every fight and a dead opponent to feast on but Soren seemed unsatisfied.

"He wanted him to go into the ring within a few minutes of his first fight and that is when the rooster began to complain."

Six days on, police suspect the prized rooster is being sheltered by a rival trainer keen to put the champion bird back in the ring.

It had notched up a four fight winning streak in the village of Mohanpur.

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LONDON (Reuters) - Once a year, every year, Professor Thomas Borody receives a single-stem rose from one of his most grateful patients. She is, he says, thanking him for restoring her bowel flora.

It's a distasteful cure for a problem that's increasingly widespread: the Clostridium difficile bug, typically caught by patients in hospitals and nursing homes, can be hard to treat with antibiotics. But Borody is one of a group of scientists who believe the answer is a faecal transplant.

Some jokily call it a "transpoosion." Others have more sciencey names like "bacteriotherapy" or "stool infusion therapy." But the process involves, frankly, replacing a person's poo with someone else's, and in the process, giving them back the "good" bugs they desperately need.

Borody's grateful patient, Coralie Muddell, suffered months of chronic diarrhoea so bad she would often embarrass herself in public, and had even stopped eating to try to halt the flow.

The technique that cured her has had a success rate of around 90 percent in the experimental cases where it has been used so far. Now scientists are taking it to the next level, with randomized controlled trials to establish if it can really be a viable option when antibiotics have failed.

With rates of hospital-acquired C.difficile infection rising in the United States, Europe and other parts of the world, that could save lives as well as reducing expensive days of extra care. "There's rising recognition of how effective this is," Borody, a Sydney-based gastroenterologist, told Reuters.


There's little doubt this treatment has an image problem. Feces, including important bowel flora, is transferred from a volunteer donor -- screened to limit possible other infections -- into the colon of the infected patient. The treatment can be administered by a colonoscope or an enema, or by the mouth or the nose.

"I used to be frowned upon and called 'the doctor who makes people eat shit'," says Borody, whose scientific papers have included such titles as "Flora Power" and "Toying with Human Motions." But he is also deadly serious. One of his published studies reported that in patients with recurrent C.difficile infection, 60 out of 67 -- 90 percent -- of those who received faecal transplants were cured.

Alex Khoruts, a gastroenterologist at the University of Minnesota Medical School in the United States, agrees that the science is not to be sniffed at. "The data are very strong," he said in a telephone interview. "There is no question that it works."

Khoruts published a study in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in 2009 that showed a single infusion of feces reversed the absence of bacteroides -- a group of bacteria vital to the body's ability to withstand infections with C.difficile.

Khoruts often sees patients who have taken course after course of antibiotics. As soon as the treatment stops, the infection returns. It doesn't take much for these sufferers to listen to a new treatment idea, even if it involves feces.

"The patients I see don't have any qualms about it," he says. "By the time I see them, they've often been sick for anywhere from six months to two years, so they're quite desperate. Nothing really scares them."

The main aim, he says, is to keep the poo pure.

"What we try to do is preserve it as close as possible to how it was in the donor. There's no in-between culture or enrichment. We want to transfer as much as we can intact."

The donor feces is filtered to remove some larger particles and then "simply goes through a blender," says Khoruts, with a saline solution to liquefy it before it is administered.

He favors methods which avoid going in through the mouth or the nose, which he says may make patients gag.

Borody's clinic, at the Center for Digestive Diseases in New South Wales, acknowledges that using a nasojejunal tube -- which goes in through the nose, down the throat and into the stomach -- is not the most attractive method, but argues it is the most reliable way of killing the C.difficile bug and its spores once and for all.


Repellent as faecal transplants may seem, if C.difficile trends continue, demand could rise rapidly.

A Europe-wide study published in The Lancet late last year found the incidence of C.difficile infections in hospitals in the region had risen to 4.1 per 10,000 patient days in 2008 from 2.45 per 10,000 patient days in 2005.

The infections can have a range of consequences, from severe diarrhoea to blood poisoning, colitis and death.

A 2008 report from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) found that on any single day in U.S. hospitals, there could be 7,000 infections with C.difficile and up to 300 deaths.

The most commonly used antibiotic for C.difficile is metronidazole, and some more severe forms are treated with vancomycin, traditionally seen as the antibiotic of last resort. Like other bacteria, C.difficile can develop resistance to vancomycin, giving it "superbug" or multi-drug-resistant traits that make treatment extremely difficult or impossible.

Khoruts cites data from 1958, when some of the first scientific papers on the use of faecal transplants were published. That showed the death rate for patients with a type of infection called fulminant C.difficile colitis was 75 percent.

"Then if you go forward to 2010 -- 52 years later, with the best current medical care and new antibiotics -- the mortality is still 50 percent," he says. "So we really can't say standard medicine has done that well in 50 years."


Khoruts now fears that unless the medical establishment embraces the technique, "the majority of people who could benefit from this procedure are not going to get it." Borody says "poo is the only answer." So why is it not catching on?

Scientific literature over half a century has documented the use of faecal transplants, but the technique has remained on the fringes of medicine. Some experts say a lack of robust trial data may be holding people back -- as well as the obvious and natural aversion to feces as a medicinal product.

To try to address this, a team of specialists in The Netherlands is recruiting around 100 sick and healthy people into a randomized controlled trial -- considered the gold standard in science -- to see if the method can be proven.

Although the study is still under way, Ed Kuijper of the Leiden University Medical Center, one of those working on it, says the early signs are that faecal transplants will be shown to be effective in patients with recurrent, or relapsing C.difficile infections.

Tackling the image problem is more challenging; but both Khoruts and Kuijper say scientists are "not very far away" from being able develop a kind of artificial feces that might help.

This laboratory-grown poo would be like a super pro-biotic, they say, but more powerful by far than any yoghurt drink you can buy in a supermarket. It would have the qualities of donor poo without the marketing issues.

"It would be a good idea if synthetic poo would work," says Borody. But he has doubts -- and until he sees some good results with artificial feces, he's sticking with the real thing. "We'd like to get away from poo, but it works the best."

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[SHOCKING] Naked University Model Su Zizi's Story

Her poverty, forced relocation, naked modelling and a prestigious college education are all ingredients for a good story, but is it true?

Her experience even made me feel guilty because I still needed my parents' support when I was her age and studying at the same university that she now attends.

However, her actions have been increasingly astonishing and I am starting to wonder whether she is all she says she is.

After her name became well known, Su got naked for a group interview in an aquarium fish store.

Her naked pictures have also regularly been posted online. She says she is an artist rather than a model and said the interview was just her creation.

I have no problem with any model willing to get naked for the sake of art.

But it is doubtful that the 19-year-old woman really meant that, since she had made so many paradoxical statements about her life.

In a video interview released online last month, which promoted her for the first time, Su Zizi, crying, said she had to become a naked model in early 2010 because she needed the money as her family was destitute and she could not even afford her tuition fees.

Su also said her family home had been forcefully torn down and that she had to deal with everything by herself. Her modeling was her only source of income, she claimed.

I can't say what she said is not true, still, I have some doubts.

If it was all true, how did she manage to get into a prestigious university? And how did she manage to pay her tuition? In normal circumstances, her tuition as an arts student would be more than 10,000 yuan a year.

Maybe it is a profitable job to be a naked model but I still feel confused because in China most students from needy families would not choose an art major because the major costs more than others. Military or normal colleges are more popular choices for people from poor families.

But Su said she began to learn drawing when she was a 7-year-old, which would cost even more, including paraphernalia and tutor fees. How could her family support her education throughout these years, if her father only earned about 1,000 yuan each month, as Su claimed?

In China, plenty of young women become naked models silently and few of them get famous just because of the job.

Poverty, forced relocation, naked modeling, prestigious college. Each is eye-catching and attracts media and audience attention, which makes me think the girl is making up her story just to get famous. Without those tags, she is just a young woman.

What made me doubt her even more is that Su now claims she is doing it all for the art, instead of the money as she previously claimed. Which one is her real motive? Maybe the real answer is not important any more.

It will not be a problem to survive in the business for her now and more interviews await. But it is very likely that the story of Su Zizi is no more than another flash in the pan in today's showbiz world.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


OMG, is it gonna be so THIN ?
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[Spouse Swapping Sex] Spread by HIV-positive air force officer

WICHITA, United States - An HIV-positive US air force officer who engaged in spouse-swapping swingers parties was found guilty of a slew of charges by a military court Wednesday.

Sergeant David Gutierrez sobbed as he apologized to his family, victims and the Air Force and begged for mercy in his sentence.

"I brought this on myself," Gutierrez told Lieutenant Colonel William Muldoon, presiding judge at his court martial.

"All one has to do is Google my name and my life is before them. That, I know, is my fault."

Gutierrez, 43, was convicted of seven counts of aggravated assault, seven counts of adultery, plus one count each of committing an indecent act and disobeying a superior officer's order to tell sex partners about his condition.

Military prosecutors asked that he receive no less than 18 years in jail and lose his medical benefits, which Gutierrez said would mean a death sentence for him.

Gutierrez "repeatedly played Russian Roulette with the lives of the people of this community," Prosecutor Captain Sam Kidd said.

Prosecutors said Gutierrez may have been in contact with as many as 500 people seeking casual sexual partners through swingers parties posted on adult websites.

None of the eight women who testified against Gutierrez contracted the HIV virus during their encounters.

While charges have been brought against civilians accused of exposing people to the HIV virus, a public affairs officer at McConnell Air Force Base where the court martial is taking place said he was unaware of similar proceedings against military personnel.

Though Gutierrez was charged with adultery, witnesses said his wife was a willing participant in spouse-swapping parties.

A North Carolina woman testified Tuesday that she and her husband met Gutierrez and his wife through an "adult friend finder" website while they were in Kansas building a restaurant.

The couples agreed to a "meet and greet" at a bar on the outskirts of Wichita, she said, adding that the couple then invited Gutierrez and his wife to their hotel room for sex with each others' spouses.

"It was a full swap," she said.

Gutierrez wore a condom during sex, she pointed out.

The evening ended "on nice terms," she said, adding that Gutierrez and his wife "were nice people" but that they never met again.

Another witness testified she accompanied Gutierrez to two swingers events on the same day in November 2009, one at a barbecue and another at a "toga party" held in a hotel room.

She saw Gutierrez have sex with a woman at both events, and also saw him appear to receive oral sex from a man, although she thought the two men were only joking around.

Military investigators discovered Gutierrez's alleged activities through interviews with his wife, who said he had contracted the virus while stationed in Italy.

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[UPDATE] Sex King Chen Guilin FINE and JAIL, Hide Camera in plastic bag

SINGAPORE - THE man dubbed Singapore's Edison Chen was sentenced to 50 months' jail and fined $20,000 on Wednesday.

Using the name Gary Ng, Chen Guilin, 28, admitted to having 507 obscene films, mostly of himself having sex with other women. Some of the women were willing parties for the filming, while others were not. He concealed a video camera in a plastic bag with a slit to film them and uploaded some on the Internet.

According to The Straits Times report, the former property agent also pleaded guilty to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card. He committed a total of 21 offences from 2006 to June last year involving property worth $171,770.

The prosecution urged the court to impose a heavy fine and at least four years' jail in view of the severe crimes committed.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Paul Wong said Chen was a "recalcitrant offender", and that all the offences were dishonest acts which involved pre-planning and scheming.

Chen's lawyer Savliwala Din had told the court in mitigation that his client made no excuse for his wrongdoing. He turned to crime when he could not earn enough money from his commissions as a real estate agent, he added.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[PICTURE] Girl Force to STRIP Naked, picture of Martin Huang included

A 17-year-old is suing plastic surgeon Martin Hung for extreme mental distress.

Well-known Singaporean plastic surgeon Martin Huang is in the spotlight again.

This time, a 17-year-old girl is suing the surgeon for pain, suffering, extreme mental distress and trauma arising from photographs taken of her without her underwear before an operation. Her mother filed the lawsuit on her behalf last month.

The clinic, The Specialist Surgery & Laser Centre, where Dr Huang is a director, has been named as the second defendant.

Both the clinic and Dr Huang have denied the allegations in their defence, filed on Monday, reported The New Paper. It’s not the first time Dr Huang has hit the headlines. In 2009, Dr Huang was fined $5,000 by the Singapore Medical Council and censured for professional misconduct over a cell-therapy treatment he performed.

In this latest case, the girl, who is not named, visited Dr Huang’s clinic with her mother and younger sister on Nov 29 last year. She wanted to get a scar revision and contouring of underlying fat on her left upper thigh.

Her mother signed a consent form, acknowledging photographs may be taken as part of confidential medical records.

An hour later, the girl was brought to an operating room where she removed her clothes and put on disposable underwear, a medical gown and an overcoat.

She was soon informed photographs would be taken, and after some discussion, she was allowed to wear her bra but a nurse removed her underwear. During the 20-minute process which involved Dr Huang, a nurse, another female staff member and a photographer, the girl said she “felt that her privacy had been completely violated”.

A total of seven photos were taken of her upper thigh and surrounding area. No pictures of the girl’s face or upper body were taken. But she claims that Dr Huang and the nurse did not bother to explain or reassure her why she had to remove her underwear for the photo-taking process.

She said she felt humiliated, afraid and confused after the surgery and recounted the incident to her mother over the phone.

She claimed to have suffered severe mood swings and was depressed for a few days after the incident. She said she had to seek post-operative care at another clinic.

She also claimed the consent form did not state that full nudity was involved and that Dr Huang had failed to treat her in a professional manner, abused his position of trust as her doctor and was negligent in performing his duty of care.

She further alleged Dr Huang and clinic staff had committed trespass to her by way of assault and battery.

The girl is also seeking a court order for the delivery of all the photos in documentary and electronic form and for the photos to be deleted from the computer database.

No amounts were specified in the lawsuit but damages sought include medical expense claims and transport expenses to another clinic, said TNP.


In their defence, Dr Huang and the clinic said the girl and mother “expressly consented” to the photo-taking of the scare and surrounding area.

Dr Huang and the clinic denied the allegations of negligence, battery and assault. They claimed the girl’s pain, mental distress and trauma, if any, were caused by what happened between the girl and her parents after the operation.

They claimed the girl appeared comfortable while waiting in the operating room. Dr Huang said he explained that photos of her lower torso and thigh would have to be taken to document her pre-operative condition and to assist in the post-operative analysis.

It was his standard practice to request she remove her clothes so the photographer could take photos of the scar. They claimed to have told her the photos would be taken quickly.

Dr Huang and the clinic claimed the photo-taking was uneventful and the girl “voluntarily positioned herself” as instructed. The session took less than three minutes and the girl’s face was not photographed, they said.

The girl apparently was “cheerful” during and immediately after the procedure. She looked pleased and said goodbye to Dr Huang before she left the room.

However, according to Dr Huang, she became “increasingly upset” in a subsequent phone conversation with her mum. She then told a nurse her mother was upset her underwear had been removed, to which the latter replied that it was standard procedure and part of the medical management for her condition.

After the girl again spoke to her parents on the phone and appeared upset, the nurse took over and spoke to them. But they refused to accept the explanation for the removal of the underwear.

When she left, the teen “was clearly upset by what her parents had said to her, and how she should answer to her parents’ accusations,” they alleged.

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[PICTURE] Underwear Man Caught in Action

Some stomper was v free and he managed to capture this picture.
Uncle at least wear some pants...

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[Prostitution] Sex Fraud involving minors

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Ministry of Interior teamed up with police stations in Taoyuan and Chungli in the investigation of a sex fraud scheme that involved the use of female minors as sexual bait to extort money by the Bamboo Union gang in May 2010.

The members of the Bamboo Union gang's Chenwu branch, established in February 2010 in Taoyuan, who were mostly female local high school dropouts, allegedly forced recruited minors at gun point to have sex with men and then pretended to be relatives of the girls to blackmail the victims for sums ranging from NT$100,000 to NT$200,000 (S$4,400 - S$8,900).

Violence and intimidation were often used if the victims refused to cooperate, police said.

After an eight-month investigation led by the Taoyuan Prosecutor's Office, officers from various agencies totaling 154 officers closed in on the ranking gang members at thirty locations in Taoyuang and Chungli on Jan. 17, resulting in the arrest of 20 gang members and the seizure of 160 standard 9 mm and three refitted bullets, a slew of weapons and drug paraphernalia, according to the CIB.

The Chenwu branch gang members were charged with violation of the Organized Crime Prevention Act, blackmail, use of drugs prohibited by law and the use of force with the intent to harm.

-The China Post/Asia News Network

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[Prostitution] Transvestite Caught in Raid with condoms

IPOH: A transvestite was among 18 women arrested for prostitution at a budget hotel here.

The women arrested in the raid on Monday were 16 Indonesians, a Thai and a Vietnamese.

Also arrested were three customers.

Police seized two tubes of lubricants, 56 condoms and RM414 cash (S$174).

State police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said such operations were ongoing.

"We are conducting such operations to detect unhealthy activities," he said, adding that in the past two weeks, about 70 foreign women had been picked up.

Meanwhile, State CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dzuraidi Ibrahim said a badly burnt body was found next to a dustbin at a lane behind Mun Cheong Restaurant at Jalan Pasir Puteh here.

"No identification papers were found on the body," he said, adding that police believed the victim was a woman.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[SHOCKING]Mother ask brother to RAPE sister 12 years old !!! What a mother !!!

AFTER being raped by her brother on her mother's orders, a 12-year-old girl was given over to a loan shark to settle her mother's debts.

Since the incident 14 years ago, the victim, who only identified herself as Lili, has turned to prostitution to support herself for the past eight years, reported Harian Metro.

"I blame my mother for my situation now. I will never forgive her," said Lili, 26.

She said her ordeal began after she went back to stay with her family after living with an aunt for nine years.

"After I was raped, my mother gave me to her loan shark who repeatedly raped me.

"I escaped and told my aunt what my mother and brother had done and she made a police report," said Lili.

She added her family was in disarray because her mother had also "sold" four other sisters of her 10 siblings.

Lili was taken in by the Welfare Department after her mother and brother were arrested, but moved to Kuala Terengganu once she turned 18 and started to work as a prostitute.

She has three children, two of whom she gave away. She is currently expecting her fourth child.

She is caring for her third child but plans to put her fourth child up for adoption.

[CHILD SEX] NSman Unprotected Sex with 14-year-old girl, Eben Pua Kok Kiang

FOR a month, a full-time national serviceman had unprotected sex with a then 14-year-old girl, likely passing a sexually transmitted disease to her in the process.

On Monday, Eben Pua Kok Kiang, 20, admitted to having had sex with the underage girl in late 2009. He will be sentenced next month.

The girl went to a doctor on Dec 30, 2009, complaining of pain when urinating. When the doctor heard from her about her multiple sexual encounters, he arranged for her to undergo urine and pregnancy tests but, fearing he would inform the police, she left the clinic without giving a urine sample.

Nineteen days later, she was sent to hospital for a medical examination and diagnosed with chlamydia trachomatis.

Pua pleaded guilty to two counts of sexually penetrating the girl in his Jurong home on Oct 25 and Nov 23 in 2009; three other similar charges will be considered when he is sentenced on Feb 21, pending a probation report.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Agnes Chan said Pua met the girl on Oct 23, 2009 through a mutual friend. He communicated with her via text messages and asked her to be his girlfriend. Two days later, she went to his flat and they had consensual sex. They had sex again at his home on Nov 23.

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