Monday, November 1, 2010

Holding back a sneeze is DANGEROUS ! May Fracture ribs,eardrum,result permanent hearing problem

Have you tried holding in a sneeze and wonder what happened inside your body ? It is better to let out your sneeze as it can be very harmful and may be dangerous to your body.
Research shows that the air expelled through sneezing can travel up to 100 miles per hour
( equivilent to 44.70400 m / s ).

These amount of speed is able to cause fracture and damage to your nasal catilage, nose to bleed,
eardrum to burst, permanent hearing problem, vertigo or detached retinas.
Therefore, it is best to let out your sneeze , yet shielded by a handkerchief.

Furthermore, sneezing is a process where your body is trying to clear out your pharynx-and that's a good thing, though it may scared people around you by doing so. To help the sneeze come out, look at a bright light. This stimulates the optic nerve, which crosses wires with the sneeze center. The added irritation of an adjacent nerve will get the sneeze going.

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  1. Holding back sneeze can really affect your ears and also if you sneeze too much. Hearing is really affected here.