Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[OMG] Sexual Performance Art or Obscene ?

Documents showed that “Cheng Li’s engaged in an obscene performance in the nude, attracting many onlookers, creating chaos at the scene”, establishing that he has created a public disturbance. 

Netizens engaged in intense discussion with regards to whether this was art or obscene.

It can be seen that while a naked Cheng Li and a female engaged in sexual performance, there were many people wearing serious expressions observing or taking photographs around them. 

Cheng Li’s lawyer Wang Zhenyu told this reporter that Cheng Li told him after the incident that there were two purposes for this performance art:

1) To satirize the current situation where art has been overly commercially packaged, and 
2) call for people to not demonize normal sexual behavior or think of it as ugly. What more, this exhibition only invited a specific range/field of artists and was not open to the public.

Like wtf???? Is this really considered art?
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