Friday, May 29, 2009

Making money online

"Few days ago, I left a comment on Dosh Dosh’s famous make money online blog. Now my comment is included as #10 ways on 63 Constructive Opinions on the Best Way to Make Money Online. I said that the best way to make money online for me is to sell “Made in China” products on the Internet, while many others are making good money on their blog or blogs. I just don’t seem to be able to make decent profit off my blog.
What did I do wrong with my blog? I have removed all advertisement off my blog with one referral link left.

Few days ago, I post Review my blog October 2007 - one step closer to be a billionaire. I realized that I could not keep up my posting schedule to keep my viewers coming back. While I was traveling in Hong Kong and China, I was unable to keep my posting schedule. So I lost many viewers. Consequently I lost some revenue of advertisement. I proved why make money online with blog is not right for me. I don’t think I did anything wrong with my blog. I just believe that I don’t have enough time to focus on making money off my blog. As I mentioned earlier, making money off blog requires a lot of time and energy to do many of the following things. I just can’t afford all my time to focus on those things.
  • Write quality content.
  • Make interesting topic to attract more viewers
  • Increase traffic through stumbleUpOn , Digg, and link exchange
  • Make comments on other blogs
  • Spend time on social networking
  • Keep post frequency.

For me, I have been making good profit off my e-commerce stores. I have spent many my valuable hours on making those sites profitable. As I mentioned in the previous posts, many blogger who makes good money are also making good money off other things. Blogging for money are just their side job to make some extra money. This side job is just not working for me.
I often asked myself few questions.

  • Are there any billionaires making money off their blog?
  • Do they care about making few bulks per click on their personal blog?
  • Do they even have personal blog?
  • Do they really have time make such a small amount of money?
  • Does Oprah Winfrey care about making money off her stumbleUpOn and myspace profile (Billionaire - Oprah Gail Winfrey is now a stumbler)?
Rich people all got something more important to pay attention to and more profitable works to do. So do I.

So what can I do to make money off my blog without advertisement?
First of all, I removed most of the advertisement. It’s not worth to pay too much attention on it and check the revenue status. Second, I have received some feedback about the annoyance of advertisement on my blog. Personally, I really hate the pop-up ads over the links. I don’t even look at it on other bloggers. It’s the same way my viewers will feel like.
How to make money without the ad? Build up your reputation on something you really know about. You simply share your experience with your viewers. Some of them will come back and ask for help. You provide the solutions to your viewers. So they spread the words to the world. People come to you for more help. At the end, you are paid to provide your consultant service. I have done this in the past. It really worked well.

What do you think?"


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