Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AIDS are man made?

The media and the AIDS scientists have never told the real history of AIDS and its origin to the world public. We are repeatedly told that HIV came from Africa.

But how is that sexually and biologically possible? How could a supposedly black African heterosexual disease- that some scientists claim has been around for decades or centuries in Africa- suddenly transform itself into an exclusively white male homosexual disease in America, and at a time when AIDS was unknown in Africa?

Is AIDS, in reality, a man-made disease originally produced by human experimentation or human error? Could the bio-engineering of dangerous viruses that preceded the "gay plague" be responsible for the origin of AIDS? In view of covert and unethical government-sponsored human radiation experiments that preceded AIDS, is it fair to blame gays, blacks and chimpanzees for a disease that could have been started by vaccine programs utilizing gays and blacks as guinea-pigs?

These are historical issues that will never be considered by the media in the wake of the AIDS controversies surrounding "The Reagans" and "Angels in America." However, there is strong evidence to suggest that HIV/AIDS is indeed a man-made disease, and it is time to "rewrite history" to include long-forgotten and suppressed facts about AIDS and its origin.

By Alan Cantwell, Jr

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