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Evidents of AIDS is a biological weapon

The following are some FACTS and RESEARCHES did on AIDS :

  1. William Campbell Douglas, M.D., National Health Federation's 1985 Doctor of the Year, published AIDS:The End of Civilization, 1989, detailing the development of HIV by scientists working at the army's biowarfare lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

  2. Alan Cantwell Jr, M.D. has published two well-documented books, AIDS and the Doctors of Death (1988) and Queer Blood (1993) outlining the man-made origin of AIDS. Dr. Cantwell, who has published over 30 papers on his cancer microbe research, initially dismissed AIDS biowarfare as absurd until he investigated the evidence compiled by the Strecker brothers. Queer Blood won the Benjamin Franklin Book Award in 1994.

  3. John Seale, M.D. concludes AIDS was man-made in "Origins of the AIDS Viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2: Fact or Fiction?" (The British Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 81:617-619, 1988) .

  4. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. Bearden (U.S. Army, retired) published AIDS Biological Warfare in 1988 which maintains that HIV was developed in American biowarfare labs. Bearden holds a Master of Science degree in nuclear engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, and heads an aerospace firm in Georgia.

  5. Dr. Leonard Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, a Harvard graduate, published Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Genocide in 1996. OutpostS Book Review calls it: "The most massive, well-documented assembly of evidence ever published in support of the idea that the AIDS virus could have been manufactured as a biological weapon... If you scoff at the notion, you won't be so cocky once you see how much evidence exists."

  • That Col. David L. Huxsoll, commander of the U.S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md., has received $60 million for research in biological ethnic weapons.

  • That Col. David L. Huxsoll, commander of the U.S. Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md., has received $60 million for research in biological ethnic weapons.

  • That it might be possible to wage ethnic warfare by developing substances that affect one race more than another. According to Newsweek magazine, Jan. 16, 1989, an example would include 'Valley fever, which is much more likely to kill blacks than whites.' Another substance, developed at a southern California university, is believed to kill only people with melanin in their skin.

  • That it is a coincidence that Fort Detrick, which is where Col. Huxsoll's biological research is being conducted, is also the site of AIDS research....

  • These allegations go to the very root of our constitutional form of government and basic world human rights, and must be responded to by elected governmental officials on all levels. Nothing less than a Congressional hearing and investigation that may lead to a full world conference in the United Nations is needed to clarify and defuse the alleged mentally deranged plan of world depopulation by ethnic weapons." (Published in the Executive Intelligence Review, 3/17/89)

  • The New Delhi Patriot (India), on July 4, 1984, was the first newspaper in the world to run a story claiming AIDS was created in a U.S. Biological Warfare Lab (contrary to FBI disinformation that the story originated as Soviet propaganda).

  • The Literaturnya Gazeta (U.S.S.R.) first reported that the U.S. military of bioengineered AIDS sixteen months later, on October 30, 1985.

  • The New York Native was the first American paper to report the story, quoting an anonymous source who worked for the Fort Detrick Biological Warfare Lab in Bethesda, Maryland, and claimed that the AIDS biowarfare program was called "Operation Firm Hand." (4/13/87) The New York Times reported that "Fort Detrick was the Army's biological warfare development center until 1969 and is now the site of some AIDS-related research." (4/8/87)

  • It is strange that the Pentagon's biowarfare lab would be converted into an AIDS research lab. A comment by a Fort Detrick official published in the Philadelphia Daily News implies that the lab is involved in much more than researching the cause and treatment of AIDS. Col. David L. Huxsoll told a meeting of scientists, "studies at the Army laboratories have shown that the AIDS virus would be an extremely poor biological warfare agent." (2/18/87) Yet, the latest government study shows AIDS to be a very good selective killer.

  • The National Research Council concluded, "HIV infection and AIDS will remain limited to specific geographic areas and risk groups identified at the beginning of the epidemic: gay men and more particularly an ever-growing population of urban, drug-addicted, poverty-ridden, malnourished, hopeless and medically deprived people." (The Wall Street Journal, 3/17/93)

  • Tony Brown's Journal, the longest-running black public affairs program on PBS, aired a four-part series on man-made AIDS: "The First AIDS Whistle-Blower" with Dr. Strecker (#1214); "What Causes AIDS" with Dr. Cantwell (#1215); "Is AIDS A Biological Experiment?" with Dr. Leonard Cole (#1217); and "Is AIDS Man-made?" with Dr. Rudolph Jackson (#1132). Bill Cosby stated his belief that AIDS was man-made on CNN, Thanksgiving 1991. Polls show two-thirds of African Americans believe AIDS to be man-made.

  • The London Times ran a front page story, "SMALLPOX VACCINE TRIGGERED AIDS VIRUS," (5/11/87) in which two World Health Organization officials connected the outbreak of AIDS in Africa to the 1977 smallpox vaccination program. This important story never appeared in any mainstream U.S. news media. Nor has the 1979 New York City hepatitis B vaccine trial blood samples containing the first confirmed cases of AIDS.

  • U.S. Representative Pat Schroeder (D. Colo.) responded to Dr. Nicolson's research: "This country cannot stand another cover-up.... Now we have a respected scientist with very impressive professional credentials who says he not only identified the cause of Gulf War syndrome, but he knows how to cure it as well. And this vital information is being ignored by the Pentagon and the Department of Veteran's Affairs. That's outrageous! This matter should be thoroughly investigated by the House National Security Committee. I plan to request such an investigation."

  • Brotherly Lovers Of Original Democracy, founded 1994 in Philidelphia, is petitioning Congress for a hearing on AIDS biowarfare, and has accumulated over 3,000 signatures. For further information, please contact: Eric Taylor, 412-835-8024,

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