Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why there is ripple ? Water Facts

Why is there ripples for every drop of water droplet on the water surface ?

Answer: It is caused by the bouncing water droplet.And this phenomenal happens ALL THE TIME. As you can see carefully from the video, before the droplet sink into the water, there is a thin layer of air separating the water surface and the droplet. As it drop closer and closer, the air is PUSHED aside and most of the water dropped into the water. And Some of the water from the droplet is pushed back into the air.

Why do some of the droplet bounce off the water surface ?

Ans: The wave from the water surface sweep upwards onto the fallen droplet and applied a force
on it as it pushed some of it off the surface as most are absorbed into the water below. This process becomes a cycle as the droplet gets smaller and smaller until the droplet gets absorbed entirely, creating the bouncing effect.

This is HOW insects walk on water and water drop holds together.

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