Monday, April 25, 2011

[OMG] Loose girl 12 years sleep with several guys, now pregnant

A POLYTECHNIC student who had sex with a minor four years ago was placed on 15 months' supervised probation on Monday.

Jesper Lim Jun Hao, 20, was the 12th man to be brought to court for having sex with the girl, then 12, at her apartment in mid-2007.

A Community Court was told that the two came to know each other through a social networking internet website in June 2006. They did not interact with each other much then.

A year later, they got re-acquainted with each other online and started chatting.

After about a week of chatting, they met at an MRT station. Then they went to the victim's flat where they had sex. He was then 16.

The offence came to light after the girl was warded in hospital in July 2008 and found to be pregnant. She subsequently terminated her pregnancy and also informed police that she had engaged in sex with several male persons.

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