Friday, January 15, 2010

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai: Birth of an Icon

See the building of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai from the building of island itself all the way through the construction of the resort. If you have never seen an island being built this movie will surprise you. There is also some amazing time-lapse footage of the construction of Atlantis The Palm. If you have seen footage of the amazing fireworks display at the grand opening then this movie gives you a real sense of the size and scale of the island on which it occurred.

Actually they have already done one on the island. 7 containers worth of pryo, 12 days setup, 225 personnel. 9 minute show. WOW.
and this is at the opening of the Atlantis hotel in fall of 2008.


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  1. Actually already seen that. Thanks for sharing anyway. A good video.

    Regards from cr3ap