Sunday, January 17, 2010

World first sex robot

On Saturday we wrote about Roxxxy, the "world's first sex robot." The post struck a chord with readers, to say the least, hitting the sweet spot between the technology of CES and the "adult entertainment" of AVN. And, let's face it, thanks to countless science fiction stories, this sort of, um, device, has likely been atop the wishlist of many of the world's geeks, for a very long time.

I attended TrueCompanion's presentation at AVN's mainstage on Saturday, in which Roxxxy's creator spoke about the potential future for his sex robot, discusses pricing, and explains its connection to the gay community.

Check out a brief video of that event, after the jump--but be warned, while there's no nudity or profanity in it, it's still a video about a sex robot shot on the floor of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and therefore may not be safe for work--unless, of course, you work at some kind of sex robot factory. If that's the case, enjoy, and maybe invite your boss in to watch it with you.


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