Sunday, June 14, 2009

Giant Gundam Statue Up

Just when we were getting used to giant Gundam crotch, the rest of the life-sized statue has appeared. That's right, the mecha monument is just about done.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mecha anime/manga/toy/video game franchise, this 18-meter-tall (59-foot-tall) RX-78 has been erected.

Part of the "Mobile Suit Gundam 30th Anniversary Project," the structure in Odaiba's Shiokaze Park will stay up for only two months and be built from fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame and coated in a layer of awesomeoness.

Fifty points on the Gundam statue will emit light, and mist will shoot out of 14 different points on the statue. The 1/1 scale Gundam boasts a moveable head and a continuous stream of oh-man-this-is-so-damn-cool.

Assembled Odaiba Gundam [DannyChoo via Topless Robot via The Daily What via Gizmodo]

Second two links with TONS of pictures.

Enormous Gundam is DONE [kotaku]
Assembled Life Sized RX78 Gundam Part 1
Assembled RX78 Gundam Part 2

Thanks to Grant, Jason, Ryoma, Trin, Julian and Fally, who are currently summoning Godzilla to destroy this monstrosity. Hey, tell him to call me afterward, will you?


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  1. Life size gundam alive.
    i believe the japanese nxt target is to make em move like what we see in the animes.