Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Transsexual wearing mini skirt distracts courtroom (his not wearing underwear either)

A murder trial in a London courtroom, Old Bailey to be exact, had to be interrupted for a rather strange reason yesterday. On trial were six youths suspected of murder. The trial was interrupted because of a female jury member being distracted by a man in a mini skirt.

The 37-year-old transsexual Brian Alliban later admitted he had forgotten to cross his legs. The female jury member was disturbed by the fact the the guy also was not wearing any underwear. So she decided to write a memo to the judge to inform him she was not able to pay attention.

The judge paused the session and ordered court police to take Mr. Alliban out of the courtroom.

Brian Alliban, who calls himself Naomi, is scheduled to undergo a sex change operation. ” I am on my way to becoming a woman, but sometimes I am having trouble with my underwear. I was wearing a checkered mini skirt and I didn’t really sit as a woman is supposed to sit. Also the public stage is somewhat higher then the court area. This made people easily look under my skirt,” Alliban later said.

After the short interruption the trial proceeded as planned.

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  1. the new law stats
    : no wearing of mini skirts for both sexes...
    tat will solve the problem