Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shoes bad for our health, says expert

There's a certain irony in meeting a man who champions walking barefoot while you're wearing a pair of Dr Martens.

Galahad Clark, owner of ethical shoe venture Terra Plana, meets me with a frown when his gaze hits my clumpy footwear.
He believes shoes are bad for our health and experts tend to agree; a 2006 study from Chicago shows wearing shoes causes more damage to your knees than going barefoot.

'Our feet are the main thing that makes us different to other mammals and yet we insist on squashing them into shoes,' says Clark.
It seems odd for a man who spreads the 'barefoot is best' mantra to run a shoe shop but he recognises being barefoot in a city is impossible so has made what he says are the next best thing.

His Vivo Barefoot shoes give protection – they have a thin, puncture-resistant sole – but none of the clumpy bits you will find on most footwear.


  1. >< everything we wear is bad.
    Shall we go nake agn?

  2. I guess it comes down to what type of shoes we wear.