Sunday, June 21, 2009

Q Drum: Made Water Transport Easier

The Q Drum was designed to be simple, cost effective, keep the weight on the ground, be durable, and to have no moving parts or handles that could break. Using rural villages throughout South Africa and Angola as their model and testing groundsQ Drum Ltd has created a coping method for the effects of desertification and water shortage so prevalent throughout Africa.

The effort required to move the Q Drum allows children to be active helpers in a very important domestic duty, which could free adults from this job, which is typically the responsibility of women.

The drums are stackable, up to 40 high when filled, meaning storage space can be maximized and large scale transport possible.

As climate change continues to affect weather patterns, vegetation, food supplies, and water supplies humans will be forced to adapt. Until we can fix some of the damage we’ve inflicted on the planet innovations like the Q Drum will be essential.

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