Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death Boost his Popularity to a Next Level

After the news released of Michael Jackson's death on the 25th of June. Everywhere, everything, I saw, listened are somewhat related to him. The radio station I listened to, the newspaper I read in the morning, and the internet website I frequent. Even when I went to the nearest interchange (Bedok) for a gasped of fresh air, I saw shadows of him. HIS DEATH IS HAUNTING US !!!

This is photo taken outside a VCD shop. His Liv performance in
America being played and replayed to attract crowds of people.

His downloads surge on torrent one day after his death.
His 7 albums the top 10 albums chart on iTunes dominating the chart currently.
Two days after death, ebay started their Michael
memorabilia items sale, traded for ten times the prices before his death.

The Moonwalk:

Many people contribute much of Michael's ultimate success to his amazing ability to dance. In 1983, Jackson performed live on a Motown television special, debuting his signature dance move, the moonwalk. When he did the moonwalk, it looked like he was doing something humans should not be able to do. The Motown special will always be remembered as a magic moment in the history of music entertainment, as the Moonwalk set Michael apart in the realm of superstardom.

His popluarity went all the way to the East, China. From a famous Chinese downloading software, Emule he took the lead immediately after his dead. His the highlight for that weekend and I believe his going to be placed there for weeks. Downloads like Angel and Demon fall way behind, transformer's game, newest ahmei's abum...
He really made his hit and impact on us.

I personally think I will have to live in his shadows for awhile, maybe for the next 1-2 months. In the meanwhile enjoy his past glamour, dance as the king of pop slowly fade away from us...

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  1. I felt the same too !

  2. actually it didnt last a week on the webby... i dont think it lasted 3 days at all... so sad...