Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[SHOCKING] Naked man buy coffee at McDonald at 4am

This naked man walked into a McDonald's outlet at Ridout Tea Garden to buy a cup of coffee at 4am yesterday (Dec 12).

According to STOMPer Sean, he seemed oblivious to the fact that patrons were staring at him in shock.

He even kicked up a fuss and complained when the counter staff refused to serve him.

Sean says: "This nudist was seen trying to buy coffee at McDonald's but ended up causing quite a stir.

""My friends and I were there when we saw the guy coming towards McDonald's.

"We saw him nude full frontal.

"My friend overheard him ordering a coffee but he wasn't entertained because of his indecent exposure.

"He went out and called someone, complaining that he wasn't being served.

"He was outside for about ten minutes before he left.

"He looks like he is in his twenties or early thirties."

In an email to STOMP (Dec 13), a police spokesperson said:

"Police received a call on 12 Dec 2010 at around 4.35am informing us of a man appearing nude at a McDonald’s outlet in Queensway.

"Upon police's arrival, the man was spotted naked along Queensway and was placed under arrest.

"He has since been referred to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for psychiatric assessment."

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  1. probably he forgot to wear his pants.. hehe

  2. May be under the influence of drugs and forgotten to wear his pants...

  3. The King with his new fashion statment...