Sunday, December 19, 2010

[ SHOCKING ] World's Oldest Cat is BORN in London !!!

LONDON - ANIMAL lover Wayne Keough believes he owns Britain's oldest cat, which is nearly 125 years old in cat years, the Sun reported on Wednesday.

Keough adopted the kitten and named it James Dean, after the famous 1950s movie star.

The cat was born in 1984 and will celebrate his birthday next month. Keough, the restaurant owner believes he owns Britain's oldest cat.

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Keough told the Sun, 'My daughter Eve asked why James hadn't had a telegram from the Queen. We wrote to Buckingham Palace and got a letter from the Queen's lady-in-waiting. It said that although Her Majesty doesn't recognise animal centenarians, she was very moved by our letter.'

Keough further claimed that he paid 1,000 pounds (S$2,040) for an operation to save him after it was hit by a car.

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