Wednesday, January 19, 2011

[Prostitution] Sex Fraud involving minors

The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the Ministry of Interior teamed up with police stations in Taoyuan and Chungli in the investigation of a sex fraud scheme that involved the use of female minors as sexual bait to extort money by the Bamboo Union gang in May 2010.

The members of the Bamboo Union gang's Chenwu branch, established in February 2010 in Taoyuan, who were mostly female local high school dropouts, allegedly forced recruited minors at gun point to have sex with men and then pretended to be relatives of the girls to blackmail the victims for sums ranging from NT$100,000 to NT$200,000 (S$4,400 - S$8,900).

Violence and intimidation were often used if the victims refused to cooperate, police said.

After an eight-month investigation led by the Taoyuan Prosecutor's Office, officers from various agencies totaling 154 officers closed in on the ranking gang members at thirty locations in Taoyuang and Chungli on Jan. 17, resulting in the arrest of 20 gang members and the seizure of 160 standard 9 mm and three refitted bullets, a slew of weapons and drug paraphernalia, according to the CIB.

The Chenwu branch gang members were charged with violation of the Organized Crime Prevention Act, blackmail, use of drugs prohibited by law and the use of force with the intent to harm.

-The China Post/Asia News Network

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