Tuesday, January 25, 2011

[PICTURE] of Woman survives 23-story fall in Buenos Aires, Argentine

BUENOS AIRES - A woman threw herself Monday from a restaurant on the 23rd-floor of a Buenos Aires hotel, only to miraculously survive when her fall was broken by a parked taxi, police and witnesses said.

Photographs showed the 30-year-old woman bent into the buckled roof of the black-and-yellow taxi before she was rushed to hospital, where she had a lung, a kidney and her spleen removed, according to officials.

Witnesses in the restaurant atop the Panamericano hotel, described how she had calmly ordered a coffee and left her purse behind before taking off her shoes to climb over a safety barrier and jumping.

"If I had not got out, she would have killed me," the shocked taxi driver, identified only as 39-year-old Miguel, told local media. "I felt this explosion and I saw this woman's body sunken into the roof of my cab.

"The first thing I did was call my family. And then I just started to cry; it is really hard to see something like that."

-My Sinchew/Asia News Network
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