Thursday, January 20, 2011

[UPDATE] Sex King Chen Guilin FINE and JAIL, Hide Camera in plastic bag

SINGAPORE - THE man dubbed Singapore's Edison Chen was sentenced to 50 months' jail and fined $20,000 on Wednesday.

Using the name Gary Ng, Chen Guilin, 28, admitted to having 507 obscene films, mostly of himself having sex with other women. Some of the women were willing parties for the filming, while others were not. He concealed a video camera in a plastic bag with a slit to film them and uploaded some on the Internet.

According to The Straits Times report, the former property agent also pleaded guilty to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card. He committed a total of 21 offences from 2006 to June last year involving property worth $171,770.

The prosecution urged the court to impose a heavy fine and at least four years' jail in view of the severe crimes committed.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Paul Wong said Chen was a "recalcitrant offender", and that all the offences were dishonest acts which involved pre-planning and scheming.

Chen's lawyer Savliwala Din had told the court in mitigation that his client made no excuse for his wrongdoing. He turned to crime when he could not earn enough money from his commissions as a real estate agent, he added.

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