Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[SHOCKING]Mother ask brother to RAPE sister 12 years old !!! What a mother !!!

AFTER being raped by her brother on her mother's orders, a 12-year-old girl was given over to a loan shark to settle her mother's debts.

Since the incident 14 years ago, the victim, who only identified herself as Lili, has turned to prostitution to support herself for the past eight years, reported Harian Metro.

"I blame my mother for my situation now. I will never forgive her," said Lili, 26.

She said her ordeal began after she went back to stay with her family after living with an aunt for nine years.

"After I was raped, my mother gave me to her loan shark who repeatedly raped me.

"I escaped and told my aunt what my mother and brother had done and she made a police report," said Lili.

She added her family was in disarray because her mother had also "sold" four other sisters of her 10 siblings.

Lili was taken in by the Welfare Department after her mother and brother were arrested, but moved to Kuala Terengganu once she turned 18 and started to work as a prostitute.

She has three children, two of whom she gave away. She is currently expecting her fourth child.

She is caring for her third child but plans to put her fourth child up for adoption.

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