Friday, January 7, 2011

[Photo] High Quality of Sex Predator Chen Guilin , Gary Ng

Chen Guilin, he scored his acts of sex with different women with hidden video camera and posted video footage on the Internet. Some of the women’s parties are ready to shoot, but was filmed by others Guilin Chen aka Gary Ng, without their consent, and the Straits Times newspaper reported.

According to the report, launched yesterday pleaded guilty to possession of obscene films of 507, including more than 480 shots from sex with various women.

The report stated that the items were seized by the police of his last flat.
The report said that the former property agent also admitted yesterday to seven other crimes. These include housebreaking whie the client was away, and forgery and criminal breach of trust.

District judge will rule Chen on January 19, the report said. Chen is currently out on $ 72,000 bail.

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