Monday, January 31, 2011

[VIDEO] Sim Lim CON MAN Square United Cam #02-27

The salesman was caught on video reacting angrily towards a customer, and even resorted to hurling vulgarities at him. (Screencap from YouTube)

The video of a salesman in Sim Lim Square hurling vulgarities at a customer has gone viral over the Internet and is creating quite a buzz among Singaporeans.

The incident occurred after the salesman was asked for a price breakdown of a camera he had sold to a Chinese national.

Chen Tao, a 25-year-old Chinese national, said he had wanted to buy a Sony video camera. However, he was recommended a Sanyo one and reportedly paid more than S$1,700 for the camera with accessories. Subsequent checks revealed Chen and his friend had overpaid for the camera.

Chen and his friend then went back to the shop with a hidden video camera in an attempt to expose the salesman.

Watch what happens.

The shop’s boss has since fired the salesman in question.

However, in a twist of events, he also showed to the media a photo of Chen in an aggressive, threatening pose as he appeared to climb up the shop’s glass counter display.

It’s not the first time that a shop at Sim Lim Square has been hit by bad press.

Known as a shopping heaven for local IT geeks and techies, foreigners and tourists who’ve not done their homework on prices can easily get skinned by unscrupulous shopkeepers.
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