Thursday, July 9, 2009

American NOT stupid

Top 10 Questions and Answers of American :
1) Name a country that starts with U ? Utah, Utopia !!!
2) How many sides does a triangle has? 4, I think 1
3) What is the currency use in the United Kingdom? US?
4) Which country to invade next ? China? Itay? Omg
5) What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki famous for? Judo Wrestling?
6) How many Effel towers in Paris? 10 OMG !!!
7) How many kidneys does a human has? 1
8) How many World War we been? 3
9) Which state does KFC comes from?
Don't Know, What is KFC stands for? Kentucky Fried Chicken.
10) Is star wars base on a true story? True

Everyone, anyone can be stupid, if you ask the wrong question on the wrong person and
record their answers. This can be easy and some people likes to make fun of others.
If u ask the world similar questions and record their wrong answers I believe it will become another of this Lolx videos. Anyway, this is just for laugh, because...
its not to humiliation any1.

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