Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six Premier League stars tested for HIV virus ( names of victims and pictures of the girl included)

'Six Premiership stars are allegedly facing an agonising wait for the results of HIV tests - after all bedding the same girl.

It is reported the shocked players took the tests after being told a soccer groupie had found out she was infected.

She apparently had no idea whether she contracted the virus - which causes AIDS - before or after she slept with them all.

The stars, who it's claimed play for three different clubs, cannot be named for legal reasons.' If they have HIV, think no one will tackle him anyway. It was hinted on the web that the girl is Danielle Lloyd (the girl on the right)

The professional footballers who may are predicted to contact HIV were...

Ryan Babel,Jamie O'hara, Sheringham, Defoe, Marcus Bent,Jamie O'Har.

Report says, Ryan Babel was the last star that flink with her and Jamie O'Hara was his current bf from Spurs.Speculation goes on...

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