Sunday, July 12, 2009

Down Syndrome Ones Are Protected Against Some Cancer?

Down syndrome (DS), or Trisomy 21, is defined by an extra copy of chromosome 21 in all cells. In humans there are normally 2 copies of each of 23 chromosomes for a total of 46 in each cell; in DS there are 47.

A number of studies have suggested that other solid tumors cancers are less common in persons with DS than in the general population. A potential DS-related protective effect against some cancers has been suggested, and this has encouraged a number of studies of a possible genetic mechanism of tumor suppression related to DS.

In a study of death certificates in the US, Yang et al. (Lancet. Mar 23 2002; 359[9311]:1019-1025) found that persons with DS were underrepresented when solid tumors were listed as the cause of death.

So does DS people is more immune to having cancer...
more researches are needed to prove this statement...

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  1. But people with Down Syndrome have lower resistance towards infection.