Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BURBERRY used Dog Fur too ( So boycott Puppymill products NOW)

The Puppymill Link Exchange Project
A puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm, is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility that some consider to operate under substandard conditions regarding the well-being of dogs in their care ( they just do it for commercial benefits). Similar types of operations exist for other animals commonly kept as pets or used as feed for other animals and some are killed for theyr fur to be made into clothing.(

Several hundred thousand puppies are shipped cross-country to be sold in pet shops, but many are sold via newspaper classifieds or Internet sites and are often accompanied by false claims such as, "We'd never sell puppies from a puppy mill" or promises that the puppies are "home raised," farm raised," or "raised with kids/grandkids." The ploys of the puppy mill are designed to dupe a well-intentioned family into buying a puppy and keeping the engine of cruelty working

The rest, which are not so fortunate, are killed for their fur to be used to be made into clothing. Their fur are trimmed and most of the time the clothings will not state where the fur come from on the tags of the clothings. It doesn't compel to Fur Labeling Act
as it doesn't state anything on the labels. Some of the dog's fur are dyed into green, blue to disguise the true colour of the fur. Consumers like us seriously don't know what we are getting. Whether they are buying real fur or dog fur? Big brands like BURBERRY, Jennifer Lopez's brand use animals intensively but on the label behind it just labelled using "100% Polyester/Poliester" and "acrylic". What we didn't know is that the trim of the clothing used fur.(videos :

Ralph Lauren most recently, have abandoned fur after pressure from the animal-rights movement, the industry says that many more have taken it up. “The last five to six years, more than 400 international designers have included fur in their collections,” said Tina Jagros, executive director of the North American Fur Association, a trade group. She estimates that this is double the number of designers who included it 15 years ago.

The Puppymill Link Exchange Project
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