Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Biometric Passport can be very easily cloned...


"That is the equivalent of installing a solid steel front door to your house and putting the key under the mat."

If you guys think the new biometric passports are made to be safer, with more security features you are totally wrong.

Our new biometric passport uses RFID chip so that it's information can be read wirelessly when open from somewhere near. It is said that it's data can also be read when it is slightly opened. When the data are read, they can be used to make fake biometric passport using the very cheap equipments sold online. That means, our government invest so much on this biometric RFID devices to promote more clone , theft to be done by the "bad people". WoW. Good job?

US, UK government decided to introduce the micro-chipped biometric passports in order to make theft more difficult, but an investigation led by the Guardian has shown the respective passports can be easily read and copied. The data obtained from three passports were transferred to a PC after gaining access to the chips by means of a simple microchip reader, purchased from the Internet for less than 150 euro, and then cloned with photograph included.

Solutions :
RFID chips can increasingly be read surreptitiously, often from distances far greater than the six inches which designers originally claimed, we might like to consider investing in a metal cigarette or cigar case large enough to hold their passport.

Going biometric ( Which means more exposure to danger)...

1999 International Civil Aviation Organisation begins study into possibility of worldwide use of travel documents carrying biometric data

2002 After 9/11 US announces all passports issued from 2006 and used to enter the country must contain biometric information or holder will require a visa

2006 Britain and many EU countries introduce biometric passports

2008 45 countries have introduced biometric passports. 100 million have been issued globally and Singapore was part of it.

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