Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Game of Chocolate Chess

The game rule goes like this, the winner get to choose to eat the best chonolate piece be it the King or the Queen or he/she can punish the loser to eat all @ once. They can also eat the died soldiers while playing the game middleway.

Sounds interesting enough? Wanna get a set of this to play? Or just wanna eat without playing?

Here are some chocolate chess pieces which come in a tube that transforms into the board itself. Apparently inspired by folklore, when a Croatian and Italian king play chess with prizes of islands off the Croatian coast, this is a set you can only play one game with before having to buy another one. Best not to play it at the height of summer either.
Designed by Key Design, I’m not sure whether this is just a concept or whether you can get hold of sets. Might be too much of a temptation anyway.

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