Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Microsoft to put Windows 7 on USB sticks

RUMOURS HAVE IT that Microsoft will offer Windows 7 on USB thumb drives.
The report surfaced at Cnet, which heard the news from one of its sources close to the Vole, apparently, who may or may not have heard it from a bloke down the pub.

The thought is that doing so will enable netbook owners to upgrade their machines, but it will break the tradition that only allowed Voleware to be distributed on DVDs or through downloads.
Since netbooks don't come with optical drives and downloading Microsoft's bloated Windows 7 upgrade would take punters a very long time, the only other option the Vole has is to bung it onto USB sticks.
Apparently the Vole is also worried that netbook users will not want to download its latest Vista service pack because, at 2.8GB, it might take a big chunk out of most people's broadband caps.
Microsoft executives have said that they recognise that upgrading netbooks poses a challenge and are exploring ways that the company can make it easier.
Cnet's hacks spoke to Microsoft senior vice president Bill Veghte who said that the Vole had nothing to announce on the subject yet.

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