Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pigeons of Love

Just last week, afternoon at about 1pm. After I stepped out of the Block I saw something that really caught my eyes. Something that would stopped me and put me to ponder for awhile. On the first look, I saw two pigeons. But after a closer inspection, I realised one pigeon was death...The pigeon must be death not long ago as I didn't see any signs of decomposition and any worker ants around the death pigeon. What's more surprising is tat the other pigeon was there to accompany the death one. Protecting it. As I try to get closer the pigeon did all it could to stop me from getting nearer, by spreading its wings warning me to go away. The pigeon must be, somewhat akin to the death one, I personally believe the LOVE one of the died pigeon. True enough, I personally believe these small creatures do have their feelings of its own. They expressed their LOVE in their own way. Pigeons of Love.

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